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Start date: September 24th, 2015
End date: September 24th, 2016
Region: Northeast
Location: Manhattan
Email: Irma StarSpirit


with Irma Caceres "StarSpirit Woman"

The time has come to pass the medicine on, the apprenticeship program is dedicated to those who really want to walk the path of medicine way
with the full intention to become a medicineway healer and practioner.

I welcome you to open your heart to the medicine, learn from a lineage of Mayan, Toltec healers and become the new curandero’s & curandera’s (healers) of this time. We will be learning how to cleanse, do intuitive readings, practice soul retrieval & past life regression, many levels of healing will be explored and exercises on self-empowerment, self protection and much more. You will be working with many tools to help guide you to work with clients, from feathers, plants, crystals, stones, your drum, rattles, and much more. (If you don't own any shamanic tools, I will provide some for class use).

Class is limited to 12 people, this is a 1 year program beginning on Thursday, September 24th usually the last Thursday of the Month except for the first class which will be on the third Thursday of the month... also holiday schedules will be in effect, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas those might be a third Thursday of the month. Location will be in the lower Manhattan area.

Our monthly meetup will be a (3 hr class), there must be commitment to take the year course and complete all healing assignments. When we reach the completion you will receive a medicine name that you can carry as a Spiritual Medicine Name or add to your Medicine Name.

I have enclosed some testimonials of the apprenticeship class below, feel free to review them so you can get a sense of the work being
taught & practice from another perspective.

The Testimonials, rates & plans are below for more information.

A Few Testimonials:

I thank all the students for being able to express how they feel and the love that is shared between us.

“My ancestors guided me to work with Irma StarSpirit. My“gifts” have increased immensely since I began my very first class with her. The
lessons have been incredible; fun and filled with so much knowledge. I have gained so much and am, eternally, grateful to Irma for sharing
her wisdom with us.” ~ M.H.

“I can write a book from my experience of being a part of Irma’s apprenticeship. Not only did this experience empower me but it offered me the tools to see, embrace, appreciate, and honor my family lineage and my blessing of being able to help and heal others. While learning how to heal and help others you are also shown how to use your own tools to help and heal yourself. I like to say “teachings that you will carry with you always and for a life time and generations”; its life changing, amazing, and illuminating. You meet amazing heartfelt compassionate people who with their own light and energy add their own
spark to the group. It is definitely an all around investment that will have endless return for generations.” ~V. R.

Early Bird Discount Registration-$1350 must be fully paid by May 15th 2015

Medicineway Apprenticeship Program Rate $1450
(Half payment due upon registering $725) Registration fee due before Aug. 1, 2015

After the registration fee is paid the balance may be paid as a 3 month plan ($725) split within 3 payments $241.67 due months of Nov., Feb., and ending with May.

If you miss a class make-up classes are an additional cost of $125 for a two-hour session. (All Classes must be completed to finish the program)

If this program is calling you, feel free to reach out and touch .... speak to me about payments and we can come to some sort of agreement.

We will meet once a month from (6:30- 9:30)

TO REGISTER: email or call 718 396-4246

About Irma "StarSpirit Woman" Following the tradition of her linage of Mayan Curanderas and Medicine Elders, she is a Shamanic and Reiki ractitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Toltec Dreamworker, Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek.

Irma StarSpirit Woman, is an energy healer in the Mayan/Toltec tradition, using music, sound, crystals and working with plant medicine, and assisting as a dream guide.

Having accepted gifts from early on, StarSpirit Woman had lucid dreams, animal totems and intuitive gifts blossom by the age of 3.
StarSpirit Woman worked closely with plants and nature healing small animals and birds as her gifts developed during adolescence. Although
her connection to nature, plant medicine, dreams and visions deepened there was a sense of compassion for families and children in abusive situations that began to lead her towards re-connecting people and mending their spirit with their heart path and aiding them by bringing them into balance and wholeness. Her exploration of shamanic medicine and healing took her to collect wisdom from her teachers and mentors from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and deeper into North American with Dine, Cherokee. Hopi and Lakota Elders.

Irma celebrates her 17 years as a Core-member of the NY Shamanic Circle and Founder of the NY Shamanic Healing Circle.

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