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Shamans and Healers : The Untold Ayahuasca Story from a Shaman's Apprentice

Shamans and Healers : The Untold Ayahuasca Story from a Shaman

Region: Mexico
Location: Peru


Andrew Osta practiced plant-based shamanism and Eastern Spirituality for 10 years before being invited to present at the 5th Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Iquitos, Peru in 2010. He then began a shamanic apprenticeship which eventually ended in him to discovering the dark secrets of certain shamans from the Iquitos area, and later embracing the path of Mystical Christianity. His experiences of the journey are written about in his two books: Shamans and Healers & Walk in the Light. These books provide a completely unique angle into the distinct worlds of Amazonian Shamanism and Mystical Christianity. They contain real names of people and places, and are both entertaining to read and highly informative.

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