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Way of the Leopard- Holland

Way of the Leopard- Holland

Region: Netherlands
Location: Noordwijkerhout


In Xhosa and Zulu culture, Izinyanya, or ancestors, refers to our blood ancestors, as well as nature, plant and animal spirits. During this weekend we will explore ways of deepening our relationships with our own Izinyanya. We will focus on animal totems or guiding spirits. Do you know these spirits in your life? How do they show themselves to you?

John will lead a ceremony to help deepen our relationship to our Izinyanya.

A two-day workshop Ancestral Voices

A special weekend with ceremonies and rituals from the Xhosa tradition.

Cost: 165,- (excl. 21% vat) or 200,- (incl. 21% vat). Saturday from 10:00-18:00 with full lunch, andSunday from 10.00-16.00 with a light lunch.

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