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Numinosity of an Empath

Numinosity of an Empath

Region: Northeast
Location: Syracuse


Numinosity of an Empath is a visual tour of what is only verbally discussed by most psychics. The spirit of Nature is visible to all, but is typically blocked by human paradigms from sensing it. Consciousness and sentience are unsolvable mysteries to science whose paradigm box is typically limited to biological function. The natural world includes what is normally considered the supernatural and is continually communicating with everyone, but is often drowned-out or over-looked by human conditioning. It is vital to the survival of both planet and humans to re-establish this connection and this book is a step towards unleashing your power of observation and natural communication.

Full color photography of natural and supernatural apparitions gathered over 25 years and accented with a poetic touch. Spirits, ghosts, aliens, water-fire-crystal-air/etheric/astral elementals, fairies, etc. A keepsake treasure.

All photographs were taken with a Nikon camera of various styles over many years and are copyrighted. All images are natural and not computer generated.

Book available at Amazon in both Hardcover and Paperback

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