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Shamanic Healing Retreats

Shamanic Healing Retreats

Region: Midwest
Location: St. Louis, MO


Transform trauma, awaken your potential, embrace the self you may have rejected. Offering 1 & 2 day individualized healing retreats with 2 shamans who are also trained as trauma therapists. We offer soul retrieval, EMDR, archetype work, grief work and other modalities to reclaim the scattered pieces of your soul and psyche.

Do you feel as though you have been part or lost your way? With over 50 years of combined experience in trauma work, healing, shamanism, grief and transforming loss and self-hatred into healing, we offer you a way home, a light in the darkness.

Retreat intensives are designed to assist your healing process at every level of life. As such, we seek to go beyond the surface condition to find an underlying cause; we stop chasing symptoms and begin to look for the origin or inception point of the issue. We then gently transform it, restoring you to a balanced state of overall harmony and health.

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