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Metis Shamansim Training

Metis Shamansim Training

Start date: June 1st, 2014
End date: June 1st, 2020
Region: Nationwide
Location: Online World Wide


Metis Shamanic Studies*

Charles Lightwalker is the founder and the creator of the Metis Shamanism- Apprentice Program (Intuitive Healing Arts Program). It is a six-year certified course of study, designed to help the Warrior to master his/her spiritual awareness.

There are six years to this program, (in two year sections) each covering different areas of study. Lessons are sent once each month, dealing with different shamanic ways such as African, Alaskan, Australian, Celtic, Hawaiian, Native American, Egyptian, Incan, and Japanese. The students are expected to form smaller groups, whenever possible, working with each other, and keeping journals and notebooks on each subject. At the end of the six years one can become a metis shaman. ( each two years a student can be awarded a certification of completion- shamanic healing, shamanic practitioner)
The Course of Study

Various Healing techniques, Medical Intuition, Sound Healing, World Shamanism, Vibrational Yoga, Intuitive Business Counseling.

Sacred Drumming, power animals, spirit guides, angels, learning to channel.

Body/mind/spirit connections. Sun Salutation-Vibrational Yoga™, developing intuition, rhythms, and patterns of life.

Wheel of life, Opening the Heart Ceremony, vision quest, developing sixth sense, auras, channeling.

Introduction to different modalities of physical and spiritual healing, i.e., Healing Key Way, muscle testing, spiritual healing, Crystaline Reiki, tuning fork healing, intuitive emotional release, crystal & gemstone healing.
* Metis-mixed blood, mixed cultural traditions. The teaching of many shamanic ways of the ancient tribes of the world.

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