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Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Region: Northeast
Location: Philadelphia, NW: Wyndmoor


Greetings relatives! I offer you my skills and connections with the spirit world in doing Shamanic Healing Ceremonies: Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, Extraction of distorted energies, Shamanic Reiki healing, Stone People Healings. See my website, listed below. I have had the privilege of studying with stellar teachers over a 28-year span, including Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Dana Robinson, Nan Moss and David Corbin, Joseph Rael/Beautiful Painted Arrow, Bernardo Peixoto/Ipupiara. Also Beth Gray, Rick Hofmann, Irene Fulton and Richard Sutphen. Reiki trainings are at all levels, not fast-food but intensive and thorough. Past-Life Regressions tie in with healing work. My home is my healing/ medicine place. We have access to a kind and compassionate Sweat Lodge community and Sacred Sound/Peace Chamber. Contact me at 215-233-0825.

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