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Webinar On - Medical Devices Designing with Cleanliness in Mind

Region: Canada
Location: Online Live Webinar


Scheduled On : Monday, March 10, 2014 at 13:00 Hrs

Description :

Cleanliness is a hot topic in the medical device industry. The FDA expects medical device companies to validate the cleanliness of their devices. One of the best ways to achieve a clean device is by designing it with cleanliness in mind.

This 60 minutes webinar will provide in-depth and valuable guidance to medical device manufacturers on design considerations for both single-use and re-usable devices. There are certain design elements that are more difficult to clean and should be avoided whenever possible. With the "right" design, both the manufacturing and cleaning processes can be simplified.

Areas Covered in the Session :
• Design Requirements
• Single-Use Design Considerations
• Re-usable Design Considerations
• Design Elements to Avoid/Minimize
• Simplifying the Manufacturing Process
• Simplifying the Cleaning Process

Who Will Benefit:
• QA/QC managers and personnel
• Validation managers and personnel
• R&D and Engineering
• Manufacturers of Implantable Medical Devices
• Manufacturers of Single-Use Medical Devices
• Manufacturers of Reprocessed/Reusable Medical Devices

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