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Webinar On - Introduction to Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Region: Canada
Location: Online, Canada


Scheduled On : Wednesday, March 19, 2014 at 13:00 Hrs
This webinar is valuable for understanding how measurement system capability studies can be used to validate and represent your system. Identifying the correct methods and sample size will save time and money.

A measurement system assigns a number or classification to the measured characteristic or response. A measurement system is more than just the gauge, including fixtures, procedures, gauges, instruments, software, environment and personnel that together make it possible to assign a result to a measured characteristic or response.

A measurement system analysis (MSA) is the process through which the accuracy, precision, linearity and stability of the measurement system is assessed. As MSA analysis becomes more common, software has made the experimental methods used to assess measurement system performance easier, but the output is still very confusing to most quality professionals.

This conference presentation gives attendees insight and understanding into how an MSA is conducted and analyzed. Participants are exposed to output from software such as Minitab, continuous and attribute data sets and guidance on setting acceptance criteria.

Areas Covered in the Session :
• The differences between calibration and measurement system analysis
• Why repeatability and reproducibility do not tell the complete story
• Typical measurement system performance criteria
• Why poorly designed studies lead to poor output without appraiser knowledge
• How to analyze data from measurement systems that are attributable
• How non-normality impacts MSA

Who Will Benefit:
• Quality engineers
• R&D engineers
• Six Sigma professionals
• Auditors
• Regulatory affairs

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