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Region: Alaska
Location: Webinar On - U.S. FDA's Strategic Priorities - 201


Description :
This webinar will examine the FDA's recently instituted annual "Strategic Priorities" initiative, with emphasis on 2014, and future issues. Such a review will focus on the broad range of issues a company's senior management and QA/RA need to consider in their annual Management Review of their existing quality management system.

An additional review of recent information from the Agency, other goals of the Agency that have already been translated into action in the past year will provide direction in areas of concern and what to expect in the future. This will be performed by a review of applicable FDA "Strategic Priorities" areas for required review or related industry problem areas.

Each year companies are to perform a complete review of their quality management system and its ability to meet the current GMP's. The FDA has added a "Strategic Priorities" initiative that can assist companies to proactively address areas of GMP concern. There is a major shift in the emphasis of the U.S. FDA cGMP compliance audits, clinical trial expectations, product submissions and company response requirements.

In short, all regulatory areas are under evaluation by the FDA, and need to be revisited by a company's QA/RA and its senior management. There is "no business as usual". This change in focus has a major impact on intrepretation of individual compliance objectives, cGMP objectives, and measurements of success. Ongoing negative publicity on pharmaceuticals, devices, as well as events in unrelated industries show many senior executives just don't get it, and have put pressure on the Agency to "get tough on compliance / enforcement". This webinar will trigger such a response by an examination / review of FDA's "must-have's" for corporate CGMP compliance.

Areas Covered in the Session :
• Mandated Areas for Annual Reviews
• The FDA's "Strategic Priorities" for 2014 and Beyond
• Device, Pharmaceutical, Biological and Combination Products Issues
• Process validation
• Wireless device guidance
• The new UDI initiative and counterfitting concerns
• cGMP Issues - Strengthened Compliance
• The Global Supply Chain
• FDA's Life Cycle Requirements
• Navigating through "Better Science"
• Expanding "risk based" applications

Who Will Benefit:
This is a highly recommended webinar to all regulated companies in reviewing and modifying their regulatory complaince stance. Its principles apply to personnel / companies in the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, and Biologics fields. The employees who will benefit include:
• Research & Development
• Engineering Staff
• Software Department
• Quality Assurance
• Regulatory Affairs
• Manufacturing
• Operations
• cGMP instructors
• Consultants
• Mid-level and Senior Management
• Personnel involved in verification and/or validation
• Personnel involved in planning, execution and documentation

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