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One Day Shamanic Breathwork Workshop

One Day Shamanic Breathwork Workshop

Region: Midwest
Location: Kansas City, Mo


The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process is a power­ful heal­ing process that that invites nonordinary states of awareness to help us penetrate the deepest parts of ourselves and access our greatest gifts.

This process is highly expe­ri­en­tial and the wisdom and heal­ing gained comes from each individual’s inner expe­ri­ence. Shamanic Breathwork honors and blends the time­less wisdom of ancient tradi­tions with the emerg­ing new para­digm meth­ods of heal­ing and teach­ing. It func­tions as a link between these two worlds honor­ing the best of both worlds while creat­ing a bridge for body, mind, heart, and spirit.

This class is $50 per person, space is limited and reservations are required, please call (816) 654-2521 to hold your space for this amazing event. For more info feel free to check us out at

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