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JAGUAR MEDICINE: An Introduction to Mayan Healing Traditions

Region: Mexico
Location: Available everywhere via the internet


JAGUAR MEDICINE is the culmination of years of research and living among Maya midwives,energy healers,massage therapists ,bone setters,spiritual leaders and herbalists. The book is co-authored by Kenneth Johnson and Anita Garr who interviewed and studied with every variety of Maya healer in southern Mexico and Momostenango,Guatemala.

Healers,massage therapists,alternative health or shamanic practitioners,body and energy workers of all traditions may benefit from this e-book. The techniques used by traditional Maya healers and the underlying concepts of energies within the body that form the theoretical basis of Mayan healing bear close similarities to acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as varied forms of massage,energy and bodywork.

JAGUAR MEDICINE is a unique glimpse into a different form of healing in which mind,body and spirit are one and healing takes place on many different levels at the same time.

For more information and to view the book's contents visit:

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