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Sacred Voyages, Shamanic Retreats

Sacred Voyages, Shamanic Retreats

Region: Hawaii
Location: Maui


Mystical Sacred Site retreats in Hawaii and Mount Shasta that change people’s lives forever. We only hold retreats in the most active and powerful places in the world. Further we spend most of the retreat in a variety of very specific sites that exponentially accelerate and amplify all change, transformation and awakening. In these sacred sites people often experience downloads, true inner peace, transformation, connection to higher self, epiphanies, awakenings, actualization, manifestation, empowerment, source, divinity, unconditional love and more. Old patterns that have held us in struggle and suffering often just disappear and new paradigms emerge. Often people experience total shifts in their consciousness and even in their physical reality such as huge changes in their wealth/material prosperity and abundance, relationships, health and/or ease of life. Open to anyone, all is possible on our retreats. Find out more by contacting Magick at or 214-577-7725.

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