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Shamanic Healer

Shamanic Healer

Region: East
Location: Boston Massachusetts


In ancient times, the true wisdom keepers of the Earth watched, listened & learned from nature. They realized that everything is connected to one another, One-Being. That the cycles of the planets, the seasons, animals, plants & humans were all interdependent on the grace of one another. These Wise Elders used their direct knowledge of nature to develop traditions, rituals & ways of healing that worked on the spirit-soul-mind-body of the people & kept them in balance within themselves and with the world around them. Many form of healing grew out of this deep connection which have lasted for thousands of years & have brought health & happiness to many people & communities.

It is with this knowledge that I have been gifted, that I offer these healing ceremonies to you...

Path-of-Heart Healing Ceremony
Based on the ancient Andean Healing tradition passed onto me by the shamans of Ecuador, this healing ceremony harmonizes mind, body, emotional & spiritual concerns utilizing the elements of nature, sound & energy medicine. It also includes a shamanic diagnostic reading and can be done over the phone.

Soul Retrieval, extractions, time travel, personal & community rituals & more.

Contact me for details: St. Suzan Baltozer

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