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Amazon Curanderismo Initiation & Apprenticeship Programs

Amazon Curanderismo Initiation & Apprenticeship Programs

Start date: May 26th, 2007
End date: July 6th, 2007
Region: Peru
Location: Iquitos


Raise your connection to the spiritual dimension and learn to communicate with plant consciousness in order to heal. This ancient practice is one of the few healing arts still in existence as it was four thousand years ago. Amazon healers, or curanderos, still use visionary states induced during ayahuasca ceremonies to gain valuable information regarding the roots of an affliction and a path to total health and balanced harmony in all aspects of life, body, mind, and spirit.

We are offering a six week Initiation Program beginning May 26th, but applications must be returned no later than April 1st, so you must act fast. We will not choose our students until April 15th. This year we will take six students. We also offer 8day, 12day, and 18day retreats for those in need of healing or interested in learning the science of plant spirit medicine from a true curandero with over 40 years of experience leading ayahuasca ceremonies in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru, the lungs of the earth. Breath in...


Study with the curandero Don Juan, who is of both Peruvian and Chinese lineage, and combines elements of both forms of plant medicine into a unique and powerful discipline we call the Black Panther Green Dragon School. There are few people with as much experience as Don Juan, having held ceremonies in Africa with the pygmies of Congo, with the Queen of Holland in Amsterdam, all over the U.S. and throughout South America and several other countries around the world. His ayahuasca has been to Tibet, where Buddhist monks drank his medicine in their own ceremonies, as well as Australia, China, Japan, through Europe, the States, and South Africa. He is most certainly not your average Curandero. He is a pioneer of the future of shamanism, and the Wind Spirit Center for Healing continues to integrate shamanic rituals, beliefs, and traditions into a constantly evolving school of spirit healing.

During the six week course, students learn at least 10 Icaros, or healing spirit songs, with the help of three CDs or recorded ceremonies, and a book containing the musical notation, lyrics, translations, and explanations for use of over 20 of Don Juanīs sacred healing songs, the ayahuasca icaros. A textbook has also been compiled specifically for the course using many pertinent texts within ayahuasca, shamanism, and healing in general, as well as quotes for the maestro Don Juan and commentary from the program director, Carlos Tanner.

Our website has much more information as well as a full schedule for both our retreats and the initiation program. We will also be offering a six month apprenticeship program involving a three month stay in the jungle with many plant diets and disciplined use of ayahuasca to deepen the connection to the spiritual dimension, to the wisdom of the universe, beyond space and time, where nothing is impossible if you truly desire it with love.

May you always see the path before you, and may your heart lead you on your wonderful adventure. Smile, for we are shining miracles.

paz, luz, y amor...

AYAHUAYRA, the spirit of the wind

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