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Beyond 2012: Navigating Spirit Earth Changes

Beyond 2012: Navigating Spirit Earth Changes

Start date: November 10th, 2011
End date: November 12th, 2011
Region: Australia
Location: Kona, Hawaii


Starting 11/11/11, Yraceburu EarthWisdom will present an Annual Gatherings of StarWays, selecting WisdomKeepers who push the boundaries of discovery, human consciousness, and earth-spirit connection. The 2011 Conference consists of amazing individuals who are innovators in their respective traditions. They are the visionaries, leading the efforts to evolve and inspire human reality and harmonic life with the planet. The Beyond 2012 Conference presents voices of Hawaiian, Mayan, Toltec Peruvian, Native America, Buddhist and Metaphysical, joined together as One for 3 days for the prophetic 11/11/11 at the Navigational Stones of Ancient Polynesia on the Big Island of Hawaii.
November 10-12, 2011 + Optional Day of November 8, 2011

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