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Unknown Huichol: Shamans & Immortals, Allies Against Chaos

Region: Mexico
Location: Jalisco, Mexico


In his newest book, Unknown Huichol, Jay Fikes offers us a detailed portrait of the ancient rituals central in the life of the Huichol (or Wixarika as they call themselves). This is one of the world’s most cohesive indigenous cultures, one which understands the responsibilities of being alive, and of being “dead”. Fikes’ message is that reality has a spiritual depth far greater than what is seen by the modern mind. This book helps readers appreciate why modern life appears astonishingly irresponsible to the traditional Huichol. This book is challenging because it takes us to ways of being for which we have no analogies. Beyond the world of symbolic meaning---like the bread and wine of Christian communion—lies the Huichol world of incarnate meaning---the deer, the whirlwind and the peyote itself. This is a journey worth taking. Order Unknown Huichol by Jay Courtney Fikes at

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