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Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork

Region: Southwest
Location: Santa Fe, NM


Breathwork is a powerful healing tool that can help you gain clarity and insight in areas of your life that seem to be unclear or challenging. It also can promote a deep sense of well being and power over your life. It is a specific breathing pattern typically done in a private session lasting 60-90 minutes. There are three aspects of Breathwork: illumination, integration and purification. Each aspect works on five different levels simultaneously: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic. Breathwork teaches you to take your breath - the life force energy - deep into your stomach, releasing suppressed emotions and stored energy. You will learn that your feelings are guides, not enemies. Breathwork can create immediate shifts in the human energy field, releasing life-long patterns that are no longer of service. Shamanic practitioners, Jim Kinney and Jennifer Peters, offer in-person and remote energy work. For more information, visit the Santa Fe Harmony Center website or call (505) 989-3507.

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