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ON BEING A MODERN SHAMAN: Living In Balance in the Visible and Invisible Worlds

ON BEING A MODERN SHAMAN: Living In Balance in the Visible and Invisible Worlds

Start date: November 4th, 2010
End date: November 4th, 2010
Region: Northeast
Location: Manhattan


New York Shamanic Circle is proud to present:

Living In Balance in the Visible and Invisible Worlds

A Psychic Dialogue
As channeled by Leslie Austin, Ph.D.

Thursday, November 4th
83 Leonard Street, 5th Floor, Buzzer #5, NY NY
(between Broadway and Church Street)

Admission: $25

"In these challenging times an important question frequently arises throughout our shamanic community: "How can I be a shaman in an urban setting?" or "How do I operate and exist simultaneously within shamanic realms while living in the 'tangible realities' of a modern culture?" It is a essential theme that touches most who are called upon a shamanic path. To directly address some of these key questions, we are extremely excited to be hosting an old friend of mine, Leslie Austin (read more about her below) who channels a guide named Kendra. I have worked with Kendra (& Leslie) over the past decade and have only had profound, enjoyable and useful dialogues with her that have supported me in transforming the quality, nature and course of my life and work. I highly recommend joining us for this wonderful evening exploration!"

Tom Donley, Co-Founder NYSC


Please join us for an evening of psychically channeled metaphysical and spiritual teachings. You will have an opportunity to personally ask Kendra questions either about her teachings or about your personal life as it relates to the session's topic. Kendra has counseled and taught hundreds of people since she began speaking through Leslie Austin in 1971.

Kendra is a powerful, wise, and often humorous discarnate teacher (like many of our spirit guides can be) whose teachings go straight to the heart of whatever question or
issue participants may present to her. A conversation with Kendra can transform you and your understanding of your life path and of the universe around you!

Leslie has successfully balanced a career as a corporate executive coach and consultant, licensed psychotherapist, and expert commentator on CNN and other media outlets with her metaphysical work since 1971.

Teachings and discussions will be given in a safe, open environment.

To reserve a place, please RSVP.

You can PREPAY/PREREGISTER go to our website's homepage and prepay through the DONATION button, fill out the form and use PayPal or a credit card for your payment.

Contact Tom to Register: or 917.686.4385

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