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The Breath of Arjuna - Pathworking Self-Empowerment

The Breath of Arjuna - Pathworking Self-Empowerment

Region: United Kingdom
Location: East Anglia UK


Arjuna was an heroic archer in Hindu legend. His name means 'bright' or 'shining' and he was such a skilled warrior that he was nicknamed "the undefeatable".

He symbolizes the qualities of "clear vision", "focus" (on a target, personal goal or direction) and potency (personal effectiveness).

"Breath of Arjuna" is a simple dynamic yoga movement connecting breath, body, mind, spirit and imagination (visualization of results). It can be done sitting, but is most powerful in the standing position. It comes from "Dru Yoga" (yoga of the heart).

The shamanic version of this practice consists of 3 successive phases:

1. Shedding what is not needed at the present time;
2. "Drawing-in" desired qualities, feelings and power for our personal "next step";
3. Radiating our shamanic persona or power animal - personal spiritual qualities that we wish to bring to the world.


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