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A New Shamanic Journey Drumming CD + MP3 Tracks - Journey With Laughing Wolf

A New Shamanic Journey Drumming CD + MP3 Tracks - Journey With Laughing Wolf

Region: Canada
Location: Available Online...


A wonderful new shamanic journeying CD also available for mp3 download - with 3 journeying tracks: 10 min; 20 min with rattle; and 30 min...

All tracks are ceremonially sounded-live and in real-time drummed by shamanic-reiki mesa carrier carol weaver on a powerful 27-inch Qilaut wind drum (frame-style) named "laughing wolf"...

All 3 tracks were recorded straight through without overdubs or looping...

You're invited to visit the site above to listen to a sample of this powerful deep-sounding drum including reviews of this new work...

- More about weaver's shamanic music and work at ...

Some Reviews:

“weaver's music is so expansive that it leads to places and spaces never explored before... The drumming (on this journeying CD) is powerful, deep, and rich with light-filled energy. I use this CD with all my clients who need to journey or rest in the sacred…thank you weaver! May we all experience journeying with laughing wolf.
- M.A. Flanagan, New York

"Exceptional... it has an intro which is wonderful. I love it and recommend this CD/mp3. Feels like being present at the live event."
- M. Shipley

"5 out of 5 stars! A beautiful, rich, and soulful shamanic drumming. I highly recommend this soundtrack. The sounds are beautiful, deep, rich --it's produced with such quality it feels like someone is actually drumming for me in the room. The music has been highly effective for me, and I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase."
- Barb B-G

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