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Energy for Life: Connect with the Source

Energy for Life: Connect with the Source

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Lightning. Water. Sunshine. Apples. All matter is composed of energy, even ourselves.
So what happens when our energy dissipates, becomes stagnant, or blocked? Imbalanced energy can jeopardize our quality of life and health-leading to fatigue, depression, or chronic illness. Colleen Deatsman's proven program for energy harmony demonstrates how to reignite and fortify one's vital life force energy.
This guide to energy work is full of easy energizing techniques to clear blockages, seal energy leaks, access universal life energy, and strengthen your energy field. Guided journeys, meditations, and other exercises can help you relax, de-stress, boost your energy, improve flow, and connect with spirit guides and other divine energies. Energy for Life also includes a handy audio CD of guided meditations.

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