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The Shamanic Warrior: Awakening your inner power

The Shamanic Warrior: Awakening your inner power

Start date: September 29th, 2009
End date: September 29th, 2009
Region: Israel
Location: Gan Isha
Website: http://www.itzhakbeery,.com



This workshop is for anyone, (no experience in shamanism needed) who is looking to connect and use his inner warrior power, to live more powerful and fulfilling life, with harmony and respect for all.

Who is a warrior and what makes one a true warrior?

In the shamanic tradition a warrior does not need to be a soldier, nor a bodybuilder. He does not be tough and mean. Instead, a warriorsí power comes from the courage to know and accept his strengths and weakness, the willingness to acknowledge his shadows, fears and act with clarity, integrity, intention and passion.

In this workshop, using shamanic ceremonies and rituals, shamanic journeys accompany by drum beats, chants, working with power animals and body movement we will discover our own inner strength source and empower ourselves to bring it into our daily lives.

Join us. Challenge yourself. Transform your life and live a more authentically and powerfully.

Itzhak also will be available for limited number of personal ceremonial healing sessions.


Israeli born Itzhak, was initiated into the family tradition of a powerful Quechuan Yachak from Ecuador. He also studied with Ipupiara a Brazilian elder and Cleicha, a Peruvian curandera (healer). Additionally, since 1994, Itzhak has studied the shamanic path and healing ways with indigenous shamans from Hawaii, Ecuador, Peru, Greenland, Native American and the United States.

Itzhak has a private shamanic ceremonial healing practice in New York and conducts shamanic workshops in Europe, Israel, Hawaii, and the US.


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