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Transformational Astrology

Region: Southeast
Location: Hillsborough, NC USA


Transformational Astrology offers deep readings that identify your Evolutionary Goals, Karmic Challenges and Soulís Purpose.

We specialize in Birth charts, Transits, and Planetary Returns.

Birth chart: An overview of your potentials, challenges, strengths, and suggestions on how to heal your issues. Includes major transits.

All Planetary Returns show where to focus your time and energy and recognize major, personal, life themes. Each cycle is interrelated with the previous ones.

Solar Return: Happens yearly when the Sun returns to the exact degree of your birth time. Goals shift from year to year.

Saturn Return: Happens every 28-29 years and is a significant life turning point. (adolescence to adulthood at 28 and midlife to elderhood at 58)

Uranus Opposition: Our midlife-challenge abruptly changes our focus in life. (38-42)

Chiron Return: A spiritual awakening at 50. We sense our mortality and become more service-oriented.

Barbara-Lynn Freed has 30 years experience in Astrology and Native American Spirituality.

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