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Cayelin Castell/Celestial Timings

Cayelin Castell/Celestial Timings

Region: Southwest
Location: Shamanic Astrology


Celestial Timings by Cayelin K Castell offered since 1996

Ancient Cultures left monumental records in stone pyramids, stone circles, stone temples, petroglyph sites and other impressive structures that remind us of the importance of our connection to the Celestial Realms. Highly trained priests and priestesses and/or shamans were the Sky Watchers. It was their job to watch the movement of the planets and stars assisting the people in maintaining a ceremonial sacred balance with the natural order of life.

The Celestial Timings are a modern day version of this ancient practice offering a daily connection to the Great Above reminding us that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us. When we connect either visually or through our thoughts and awareness to these mysteries we are engaging an ancient practice that benefits us personally as well as the entire collective at this critical 26,000 year Turning of the Ages.

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