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Holly Alexander, MC, Shamanic Astrologer

Holly Alexander, MC, Shamanic Astrologer

Region: West
Location: San Francisco Bay Area


Holly Alexander, MC, has passionately studied psychology, spirituality and the occult mysteries for thirty years. A spirited quest to understand the meaning of life and her place in it, has led her to explore astrology, numerology, tarot, Destiny Cards, archetypes, myth, dreams, shamanism, alternative medicine, traditional spiritual and psychology practices as well as metaphysics, mysticism and the transpersonal. A former social worker and Jungian Child Play Therapist, she holds a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. Holly counsels and teaches, blending her broad knowledge base with intuitive direction.

Holly currently resides in the San Francisco area and publishes articles as the San Francisco Divination and Spirituality Examiner. To read her articles and be on her email list, visit Holly also blogs about Shamanic Astrology from a more personal perspective on her website.

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