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Shamanic Healing of Trauma - Danuta Jirik, Ph.D.

Shamanic Healing of Trauma - Danuta Jirik, Ph.D.

Region: Midwest
Location: Chicago area


I am a shamanic healer and spiritual counselor specializing in shamanic trauma resolution. The events of the past, which can be as general as the dysfunctional atmosphere of the childhood home, live within us and are reexperienced again and again because the part that experienced them is "frozen" in time, literally stuck in the situation and in the corresponding interactions.

The method I use is a combination of shamanic work and systemic family constellations work of Bert Hellinger. The focus is on the individual in context. It allows for a healing resolution within the frozen time frame. The child self (soul part) can then leave the time frame and is restored to the client after 7 days of healing in nonordinary reality in the Temple of Isis.

I am anchored in Oak Park, Illinois, and work in-person and remotely. Remote work includes a phone session, an off-line journeywork and a follow up phone session.
Phone: (708) 837-4335

I also conduct Family Constellations workshops. Schedule on my website:

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