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Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman's Journey

Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Woman

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Location: New Jersey



ďItís a week and a half away now. The memories come. Hearing the traffic on the streets in front of the hotel, early in the morning. The air is cold. I can smell it. The feeling of rightness when the plane landed in Cuzco Airport. Walking across the runway to the terminal. Feeling in every part of me the sense of being (having come) home ó again. Greetings, old friends, I say to the mountains. And they say welcome home, daughter. Everything else falls away ó the tensions, the stresses, confusions of putting the trip together; itís gone, doesnít matter now. Whoever, whatever I am elsewhere falls away, too. Honed down, stripped away, Iím there completely. Jaguar, not hunting, not even stalking really, just alive with the quiet, deep excitement of anticipated adventure. My physical body has caught up to where my spirit has always been, never left. We go through the gate, get our bags, get on the bus for Cuzco.Ē

Come join Fran Russo, as she traveled from a comfortable, safe world into a world that showed her what it is to be who she actually is. Through her experiences in Peru and the teachings brought back with her, Fran brings the inspiration that we can all make our dreams come true.

Fran Russo of Ayllusuyu is a curandera working in the traditions of the Peruvians shamans for many years. Fran has traveled extensively throughout Peru, from the heights of the Andes into the Amazon jungle as well as into Bolivia and the Lake Titicaca and Tiwanaku regions.

ďI have had the pleasure of working closely with Fran Russo on this book. We have walked in the jungles and we have been to the top of the mountains. Throughout my work with Fran, traveling in Peru and through the Medicine Wheel, I have found the threads of love, light, and passion and have woven them into the tapestry of my life.
The journey that you are about to embark upon is a mixture of many things. Fran shares with you memories and experiences of her own journey through the work of the Medicine Wheel and beyond. You travel with her into the heart of Peru, walking deep in the jungles and high upon the mountains of the Andes. You can come to know many of the teachings of this work through the wisdom offered here in story and poem. These memories and experiences are not always presented in a chronological fashion. Look beyond time and sequence and know the energy at the core. The energy beneath that weaves all of these beautiful threads into the tapestry of light. As you step forth into this journey, know that all is possible for you. Touch the heart of magic and come to know that it resides within you, within us all.Ē

- Pat Miller, healer, NCMT

Through The Eyes of Jaguar: One Womanís Journey is available for purchase on Franís web site: as well as through Shaman Portal.

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