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Diego Palma

Diego Palma

Region: Peru
Location: Cusco


Transpersonal Shamanism Research project. Experimental self-exploration workshops using ancestral amazonian shamanic psychotropic plants: Ayahuasca in combination with eastern meditation techniques in the rainforest and Andes (Cusco) of Peru.

Our vision is to honor the connection with the Pachamama (Mother Earth), respecting and taking care of her as brothers and sisters of a unique tribe.

To share the legacy of its ancestral medicines with the responsible seekers who contact us.

To honor the ancestral ceremony of Ayahuasca as a sacred plant that connects us with our master inner teacher and opens the door to a profound healing of the soul.

Share and respect the Andean and jungle traditions of our ancestors. Research the synergy of shamanic traditional and contemporary use of Ayahuasca honoring its ritual context.

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