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Shamanic Workshops in Tuva

Region: West
Location: Tuva


We invite you to you to take part in a 10-day master class centered on Siberian Shamanism. The lectures of the instructing professors will help you understand the concept and nature of shamanism as a whole, while lessons in shamanism are offered in daily classes with real practicing shamans. You will also get the opportunity to visit sacred places, as well as participate in real rituals and

ceremonies. For ten days with you will spend time with 5 shamans from Tuva, Khakassia, and Altai. Every 2 days you will see a new shaman who will share their knowledge with you. While 10 days it are not enough to become a shaman, we promise you that during this time you become an absolutely different person. If you wish, you can continue your education with the shaman in a more private setting.

The master classes on shamanism will be offered in the language of the shaman with translation to English and Russian.

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