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Tuvan Shamanic Throat Singing as a Tool for Healing and Personal Development

Tuvan Shamanic Throat Singing as a Tool for Healing and Personal Development

Start date: May 29th, 2007
End date: June 10th, 2007
Region: West
Location: Germany & Holland
Email: khoomeiji(at)


Nikolay Oorzhak (Tyva, Southern Siberia, Russia), Hereditary Shaman, World-known Master of "Khoomei" Throat Singing,

will give a seminars after the Rainbow Festival in Badan-Baden and Frankfurt, Germany, and then at Institute of Siberian Shamanism in Etten-Leur, Holland.

Participants will be taught the basic sounds: "Khoomei" - opened sound, "Kargyraa"- low chests sound, "Sygyt" - closed high sound. With practice of throat singing one opens the nine energy centers in the body, as well as:
* Broadens the volume of brain’s energy center, which helps to open the “door” to the spiritual worlds; * Cleans the negative powers (deceases) in the body, normalizes functions of cardiovascular and breathing systems; * Broadens the space of Power of Spirit and Peace of Soul; * Improves the activity of energy center in the bottom of body, return or increase the sexual power of both men and women; * Harmonizing the voice, makes the speech and singing more efficient and confident; etc.
Using a sounds of throat singing in any activity – shamanism, sound therapy, spiritual practices (singing of mantras, for example), variety arts (jazz, blues, etc.), can helps the people, who wish to access the highest power of self.

Contact us for details and booking.
Web site of Nikolay Oorzhak:

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