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Drums, Rattles and Shamanic Craftwork

Drums, Rattles and Shamanic Craftwork

Region: Northwest
Location: Wales, UK


Drums are made in 16 inch and 18 inch sizes, from Welsh or Scottish deerskin, on beautiful solid ash frames. Other skins may be available occasionally, and drum beaters are made from any wood of your choice, sourced lovingly and locally. Several styles of lacing, and different colour choices are available. Most drums are made to order, incorporating the design choices, prayers, wishes, and purposes of the recipient, although there are sometimes drums and rattles ready in stock.
Drums are blessed, smudged with sage and dedicated to their recipient before sending.
Rattles are made from rawhide or gourds and may be carved, painted, beaded, embellished with gemstones or your own special finds from nature - the range of design ideas is unlimited! Like the drums, they are made with special prayers for the recipient.
Other shamanic artefacts such as beadwork feather fans, rune sets, medicine bags, and beaded, embroidered, and painted altar cloths are also available.
Drums may be painted at extra cost. Sarah has mastered and brings together many practical art and craft skills - whatever your requirements, please call 01874 665750 or see for more information...

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