Jonathan Horwitz

2015-08-03 08:24:08

Jonathan Horwitz Jonathan Horwitz holds an MA in anthropology. He worked as teacher and field researcher with Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. He co-founded the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies and has been teaching internationally. As a teacher, he helps people to understand the language of the Spirits, encouraging them to accept the power offered and to bring it back to the physical world. He is a regular contributor to Sacred Hoop magazine and the European Editor for A Journal of Contemporary Shamanism.

Vedda Chief Tissahamy -Sri Lanka

2015-07-05 18:26:43

Vedda Chief Tissahamy -Sri LankaWanniyal-aetto elders today carry on the struggle their chief Urupana Warige Tissagami waged against official oppression for decades until his death at 104 in 1998.

Kogi Shamans

2015-06-01 13:26:18

Kogi ShamansThe Kogi base their lifestyles on their belief in "Aluna" or "The Great Mother," their creator figure, whom they believe is the force behind nature. The Kogi understand the Earth to be a living being, and see humanity as its "children." They say that our actions of exploitation, devastation, and plundering for resources is weakening "The Great Mother" and leading to our destruction.

Maria Yraceburu

2015-05-03 09:47:33

Maria YraceburuMaria naylin iskińhi naakai ts'ilsoose Yracébűrű was trained as a diiyin and a traditional ceremonialist. She is founder of Yraceburu EarthWisdom and Taa-naash-kaa-da Sanctuary Earth Wisdom Learning Center. She is a master of many ancient earth teachings, including Tlish diyan yánádaalitihí, násdziih, okaah yedabik'ehi, bik'eh da'óltagí, and bik'ehgo'ihi'dan binkááyú yatí'í. As a chosen Tlish diyin lineage holder, she shares ancient wisdom and rites for contemporary times. In 2010, she was granted the Presidential Humanitarian Award for her Community Service efforts.

Peter Gorman

2015-04-03 15:25:36

Peter GormanFor nearly 25 years, Peter Gorman has worked with ayahuasca, the visionary vine and Master Plant Teacher of the Amazon. Since 1984 Peter Gorman has made a point of spending at least 3 months annually in the jungle around Iquitos, Peru, and until recently, at least part of that time with his late teacher, the elderly curandero Julio Jerena.
He has also collected botanical specimens for Shaman Pharmaceuticals and herpetological specimens for the FIDIA Research Institute of the University of Rome. He was the first person to ever work with the medicinal knowledge of the remote Matses Indians of the Peruvian-Brazilian border, and his description of their use of the secretions of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog has opened an entire field devoted to the use of amphibian peptides as potential medicines in Western medicine.