Tony Samara

2012-08-02 00:31:51

Tony SamaraTony Samara is a British born author and spiritual teacher. He grew up in Egypt and also in Norway. He learned the spiritual teachings of "Kyozan Joshu Sasaki." His curiosity led him to explore further the essence of spirituality and thus went to live and learn with shamanic communities around the globe including a period of time spent with shamans in the Amazon River region and the Andes Mountains. He founded Conscious Spirituality in 1992, a spiritual movement based on the knowledge of mysticism.


2012-06-29 12:31:08

LuzclaraLuzclara is a Chilean medicine woman, ceremonial leader, shamanic practitioner, and sound healer who dedicates her life to the healing of herself, Mother Earth and all of her beings. She has been working for the last 25 years in awakening the sacred feminine energies in the planet using ancient methods of ritual and magic. Although she resides in Chile, she has trained and studied with different indigeneous shamans around the world; among them, Machi Antonia Lincolaf, a shaman from the Mapuche people of Chile, the Quero shamans of Peru, and the Quichua shamans of the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. Her travels have included India and Tibet where she has deepened her sound healing techniques.


2012-05-25 14:36:36

MallkuMallku is world renown expert of Inca cosmology, author and shaman. He is an author and international lecturer who teaches about the Millenarian Culture of the Andes, promoting the Shamanic experience as one of the Paths of Liberation for the present generation.

Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD,

2012-05-01 08:59:59

Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD,Lewis E. Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, is the author of the Coyote trilogy. His work discusses healing practices from Lakota, Cherokee and Cree traditions, and how they intersect with conventional medicine, via a social constructionist model. Mehl-Madrona is certified in psychiatry, geriatrics and family medicine. He is Education Director for the Coyote Institute for Studies of Change and Transformation.

Serge Kahili King

2012-04-01 10:37:19

Serge Kahili KingSerge Kahili King, Ph. D., was initiated into the path of Hawaiian shamanism by his father. He also spent seven years in West Africa being trained in African shamanic traditions, and has made in-depth studies of other such traditions around the world. He is an author, speaker, storyteller, teacher, scholar, humanitarian and a shamanic healer.