Don Cesario

2018-04-01 18:36:17

Don CesarioDon Cesario, is a 104 years old Siekopai (Secoya) elder in the Ecuadorian Amazon on the Peruvian border. He was said to be strict but also big-hearted and jolly. He was famous throughout the area for both his strong pots of yage and his eccentric fashions, which included feathered crowns. He also layered Mardi Gras beads over bright tunics and wore a baseball hat declaring yo soy el mejor (“I am the best”).

Frank Ansell : Nungkari

2018-03-19 13:55:19

Frank Ansell : NungkariFrank Ansell is a traditional indigenous healer (nungkari) and lawman from the Eastern Arrernte desert country in Central Australia. He offers nungkari aboriginal healings and wisdom teachings from aboriginal Dreamtime and culture to support individuals, leaders, and workplaces to open to altjerre or spirit.

Delfin Payaguaje

2017-12-09 09:17:58

Delfin PayaguajeDelfin Payaguaje is an elder of the Secoya nationality. At over 80 years old, Delfin still goes hunting and fishing every day, weaves chambira fiber, and gathers medicinal plants as his father and grandfather did before him. In his lifetime, Delfin has seen many changes in his people’s territory. His people have less land than when he was young, while the land they do have is threatened by industrial contamination and colonization.

Manuel Calazacón

2017-09-02 13:02:35

Manuel CalazacónRespected shaman, from the Calazacón dynasty of the tsachilas tribe who live in the Centro Cultural Aldea Colorada, in the Peripa commune. They are the guardians of the forest, of about 40 hectares and that is located in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

Taita Jacho Castelo

2017-08-02 10:06:26

Taita Jacho Castelo Taita Jacho Castelo is from Quito Ecuado. He is a Yachak - Taita de la medicina indígena from the Kichuwa tradition. A community organizer and teacher he is a Healer and Andean Therapist with more than 30 years of experience in ancestral medicine. He is also a Researcher of indigenous culture, spirituality, and natural medicine. He is an expert in enhancing the extraordinary powers of health that have body and mind; Share ancestral secrets for health without medications and techniques to raise vitality and internal energy.