The Galactic Serpent

2014-01-31 13:40:44

By Alberto Villoldo, Phd

The Galactic Serpent by Alberto Villoldo, PhdDr. Alberto Villoldo describes how you can awaken the power of the Galactic Serpent to lead an illumined life where you will know no limit to your ability to dream your world into being. Filmed in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Chile and Argentina with a special appearance by the Laika prophecy keepers of Peru, and Machi Clorinda of Chile.

Aya: Awakenings

2014-01-02 09:32:50

By Rak Razam

Aya: Awakenings by Rak RazamBlending narration directly from Rak Razam's book Aya Awakenings with video footage, interviews with practicing curanderos (healers), samples of traditional icaros or magic songs, photographs, and cutting edge special effects, the movie AYA: Awakenings reproduces the inner landscape of the visionary state in unprecedented detail, invoking an awakening in the viewer. Meet the book's "spiritual tourists," rogue scientists, black magicians, indigenous healers, and Western guides in person and gain an understanding of the history of Amazonian shamanism through the art, music, and culture of the region.

Living With Spirits: 10 Days in the Jungle With Ayahuasca

2013-11-27 12:38:10

By Michael Wiese

Living With Spirits: 10 Days in the Jungle With Ayahuasca by Michael WieseMr. Wiese takes along on his journey into the Peruvian amazon to undergo a 10 day Dieta working with a master entheogenic plant and shaman, Don Jose Campos. This is a no frills documentary about a deeply mysterious and deeply personal experience that shows the reader yet another vehicle for metamorphosis of the spirit.

Anglo-Saxon Shamanism - Spell of The Nine Knots

2013-11-03 10:58:24

By Michael William Denney

Anglo-Saxon Shamanism - Spell of The Nine Knots by Michael William DenneyThe Spell of the Nine Knots is an ancient Anglo-Saxon shamanic method of manifesting desires. This practice was used by pre-Christian pagans in England. Practitioners of this magical technique were said to have power over weather phenomena. Legends speak of witches using this spell to summon storms and raise oceans!
Each of the Nine Knots in this spell corresponds with one of the Nine Worlds of the pre-Christian Germanic World Tree (Tree of Life).

Shamanism and the Light Body

2013-09-30 16:10:53

By Ken M. Harsh

Shamanism and the Light Body by Ken M. HarshThis presentation on Shamanism and the Light Body explores ancient cultures around the world, that includes shapeshifting, totem poles, power animals, and the natural world. Kenís demonstrates this information with powerful visual aids and shows how we can apply and modify these practices to our own time