The Secret Life of Mushrooms

2014-09-30 10:25:13

By Kathleen Green

The Secret Life of Mushrooms by Kathleen GreenSome see them as a sacred part of ancient Mazatec ritual. To others, they're a powerful mind-altering drug. The Secret Life of Mushrooms takes us on a psychedelic journey to Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico to explore the effect of R. Gordon Wasson's exposure to Mazatec curandero rituals, the resulting popularization of mushrooms and the long term effects of narco-tourism on an ancient way of life.

The Spirit of the Serpent, an Exploration of Earth Energy

2014-09-01 07:42:26

By Reality Films

The Spirit of the Serpent, an Exploration of Earth Energy by Reality FilmsThe Spirit of the Serpent is an exploration into Earth Energy at a circle of standing stones in Cornwall, England, known as The Merry Maidens. Most, if not all sacred sites were founded at special places where Earth Energy lines meet or cross as they flow above and below the ground. In this enthralling film we find that experts finally agree that many structures in the Ancient world were places for the focus of energy featuring mathematical principles found throughout Nature and having a basis in quantum physics.

Michael Harner: The Way of the Shaman

2014-07-31 08:11:13

By Michael Harner -hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove.

Michael Harner: The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner -hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove.The native shaman learns to interact with the spirits of the underworld and the higher worlds in order to intercede in behalf of humans in the "middle world." Michael Harner, Ph.D., has authored The Jivaro, Hallucinogens and Shamanism and The Way of the Shaman. He is currently actively involved in training westerners throughout the world to become shamanic healers. A Thinking Allowed video, hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove.

The Modern Shaman: Healing, Music and Magic in Our Times

2014-07-02 09:07:16

By World Wide Multi Media

The Modern Shaman: Healing, Music and Magic in Our Times by World Wide Multi MediaFeaturing DaVeed Forrest & Ramde this is a must for all those interested in spirituality and shamanism in our modern times. DaVeed is a shaman, author, and teacher who brings his remarkable personal story to us. His knowledge of healing herbs and music are legendary. A humble, yet powerful, presence, DaVeed allows us into his world of magic and wonder with music and words. Ramde is a beautiful singer/songwriter, who is a teacher and mystic in her own right. Her music adds an amazing tone and texture to the show.

The Legacy of Antonio Lorenzano

2014-06-01 11:00:43

By Paul Henley

The Legacy of Antonio Lorenzano  by Paul HenleyAntonio Lorenzano was an acclaimed musician, shamanic healer and craftsman, and the leader of the Warao community of Morichito on the Winikina River, in the lower Orinoco Delta, Venezuela. The film follows anthropologist Dieter Heinen, who knew Lorenzano well, as he returns to Winikina, some six months after Lorenzano's death in November 1996 to pay his respect to his relatives. From the testimonies of his children, grandchildren and others who knew him, it becomes clear that even post-mortem, Lorenzano's view about the proper conduct of Warao cultural practices carry great weight. However the cultural tradition that Lorenzano represented was a hybrid, a fusion of the old with new ideas and practices which he introduced from outside his community.