Walking Between the Worlds

2015-01-30 12:00:51

By Greg Braden

 Walking Between the Worlds  by Greg Braden Braden explains how ancient teachings and modern sciences are converging in our current Shift of the Ages. Documenting how our emotions program our physiology and instructing us tin the use of powerful spiritual tools known throughout history, he guides us in development of our physical, mental and spiritual natures. Each day that we redefine our greatest joys and deepest sorrows, we awaken to greater possibilities of health, forgiveness and self-knowledge.
Walking Between the Worlds is your key to life-giving relationships through the ancient science of compassion.

Shaman Healer Sage

2015-01-02 10:14:00

By Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.

Shaman Healer Sage by Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.Shaman Healer Sage tells the story of Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. an extraordinary man who transitioned from a career in modern medical science to one that uses a deep knowledge and understanding of the ancient energy medicine of the legendary Inka and Q'ero shamans of South America. The film is an exploration into the mysteries of life culminating with the deepest mystery of all - death - in which Villoldo shows us how to deal with our own mortality and that of our loved ones.

Healing: traditions helping modern American Indian warriors

2014-12-01 11:49:22

By Taki Telonidis

Healing: traditions helping modern American Indian warriors by Taki TelonidisAn encounter with an American Indian veteran of the Korean War sparked an idea that has turned into "Healing the Warrior's Heart," a documentary on ancient traditions of American Indians that are helping military service people returning from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Karmu, A Place in the Sun

2014-11-01 18:21:31

By Janet Z. Giler and Lewis H. Gould

Karmu, A Place in the Sun by Janet Z. Giler and Lewis H. Gould A documentary about an auto mechanic by day and an urban shaman by night. Karmu welcomed all those in need into his home. Part West Indian curandero, masterful lay counselor, hands-on healer, and down to earth holy man, Karmu fed the hungry, housed the homeless, and healed the sick with his herbal remedies and therapeutic massages. He lifted people's spirits by bombarding them with compliments while getting them to laugh with his hilarious stories. Sometimes he brought clients to his auto shop where he they helped him fix cars. The film uses archival footage mixed with contemporary interviews with his students and professionals. It includes testimonials that describe the impact Karmu had on those he touched.

The Secret Life of Mushrooms

2014-09-30 10:25:13

By Kathleen Green

The Secret Life of Mushrooms by Kathleen GreenSome see them as a sacred part of ancient Mazatec ritual. To others, they're a powerful mind-altering drug. The Secret Life of Mushrooms takes us on a psychedelic journey to Huautla de Jimenez, Mexico to explore the effect of R. Gordon Wasson's exposure to Mazatec curandero rituals, the resulting popularization of mushrooms and the long term effects of narco-tourism on an ancient way of life.