Walking Between Worlds, Belonging to None - The Ann Andrews Story

2009-01-30 14:14:42

By Steve Mitchell

Walking Between Worlds, Belonging to None - The Ann Andrews Story by Steve MitchellThe story of Ann Andrews, a mother living in England with a unique experience to share about her life and her son, Jason. What sets Jason apart from the many other young children who are now being born with exceptional multi-dimensional abilities called "Indigo Children" is that Jason is not only an abductee, but is himself of extraterrestrial origin. Jason explains that "Technically we are all Extraterrestrials, because there is no one amongst you who 'comes' from here."

After years of uncertainty, Jason progressed from an initial standpoint of fear and terror to a point in his teens when he began accepting "their" teachings and to acknowledge who he is - one of many Indigo or Star Children here on Earth helping humanity to evolve to the next evolutionary step.

Listen With Your Heart: SANDRA INGERMAN on Shamanism, Healing & Nature

2009-01-02 06:36:24

By Victor Demko

Listen With Your Heart: SANDRA INGERMAN on Shamanism, Healing & Nature by Victor DemkoAuthor of Soul Retrieval, Welcome Home, Medicine for the Earth, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner s Guide and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, Sandra Ingerman is recognized internationally for training teachers in shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. She has trained and founded an international alliance of 100+ Medicine for the Earth Teachers. Sandra is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and Professional Mental Health Counselor.


2008-12-01 09:57:57

By Steve Barron

Dreamkeeper by Steve BarronDreamkeeper should prove enthralling to anyone interested in Native American myths and legends. It is telling the story of a resentful Lakota teenager who reluctantly agrees to drive his wise old grandfather from their South Dakota "rez" to an All-Nations Powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Along the way, the tradition-bound elder serves as tribal "dreamkeeper" for his initially resistant grandson, who gradually realizes that his grandfather's stories are essential in preserving the fading cultures of the Lakota and the several other tribes whose folklore depends on unbroken generations of oral tradition. While some of the lavishly dramatized tales can stand alone as authentic Native American myth-making. It's an admirable attempt to introduce neglected cultures into the television mainstream.

Chac: The Rain God

2008-10-27 13:45:10

By Rolando Klein

Chac: The Rain God by Rolando Klein"Chac: The Rain God" is based on ritual and legends from the Popul Vuh. This gorgeous film, shot in the Chiapas region of Mexico by Chilean director Rolando Klein, focuses on a small Tzeltal village during a terrible drought. Desperate for relief, thirteen men set out on a quest to save their people from starvation with a Diviner who takes them far from their own land on a strange journey. "Chac" is magical, mystical and intensely visual. A dazzling portrait of a Native American spiritual quest.

Alchemical Healing

2008-07-31 14:50:05

By Nicki Scully

Alchemical Healing by Nicki ScullyThe ancient art and science of alchemy is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for transforming our reality. Alchemical Healing the comprehensive contemporary form developed by world acclaimed teacher author and healer Nicki Scully is an important vehicle for those looking for healing tools personal growth and spiritual awakening.
Alchemical Healing combines energetic healing techniques with shamanic principles to provide integrated and balanced healing and growth processes.