Inner Worlds Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha

2017-04-01 16:28:44

By Daniel Schmidt

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha by Daniel SchmidtThere is one vibratory field that connects all things. It has been called Akasha, Logos, the primordial OM, the music of the spheres, the Higgs field, dark energy, and a thousand other names. Many of history's monumental thinkers have come to the threshold of this great mystery. It is the common link between all religions, all sciences, and the link between our inner worlds and our outer worlds.

Serpent And The Sun Tales of an Aztec Apprentice

2017-03-02 09:34:11

By Shaahin Cheyene

Serpent And The Sun Tales of an Aztec Apprentice by Shaahin Cheyene Tachi is 21 and has lived below the poverty line all of his life. He is a member of the Revolutionary Zapatista Collective in Mexico City. He is searching for his roots. Ehe is a 52nd Generation medicine man and traditional healer from the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition of Darkness. Through a series of extraordinary circumstances, the two meet. Things will never be the same. Extraordinary and inventive, Serpent and the Sun was filmed on a month-long journey through Mexico. This riveting Hybrid Documentary explores the roots of an Aztec medicine man and his apprentice while trekking through the mountains of rural Mexico. This powerful, visual feast combines dreamlike panoramic landscapes with heart-warming stories. Join the journey as we trace the adventures of this unlikely duo as they travel on a journey of epic proportions.

2012 The End of Time: The Inka Prophecy

2017-01-29 09:21:36

By Alberto Villoldo, PhD

2012 The End of Time: The Inka Prophecy by Alberto Villoldo, PhD n this documentary filmed in the Peruvian Andes and Lake Titicaca, Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the Inka shamans narrate the latest updates on the 2012 prophecy of the End of Time. This film shows for the first time the Inka shamans as they consult the coca leaves to convey the latest reading of the prophecy, and the tumultuous times and tremendous opportunities that they foretell. The Shamans of the Americas announce a time of upheaval, turmoil and opportunity that peaks on December 21, 2012. But the prophecy does more than predict the doom of humanity, it also offers great hope by presenting us with energy-based practices and processes that we can bring into our daily lives for manifesting opportunities during these times of great change.

The Vodou Healer

2016-12-18 18:04:36

By Nightfrog and Soul of Africa

The Vodou Healer by Nightfrog and Soul of AfricaVODOU HEALER is a film about Papa Joe, a Afro-American voodoo priest from the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina. Papa Joe grew up in rural North Carolina not far from the South Carolina border. His father believed in the power of hoodoo (root magic) while his mother is a pentecostal christian. Papa Joe’s godfather was a “root doctor”, a spiritual worker, who worked the “roots” for conjuring, a practice passed on from the Congo slaves of Africa .

Mystic Fire: Nadia Stepanova: Siberian Shaman

2016-10-28 11:34:56

By Costanzo Allione

Mystic Fire: Nadia Stepanova: Siberian Shaman by Costanzo AllioneNadia Stepanova is a Buryatian shaman who is reviving shamanic ritual ceremonies that for centuries have ruled the life in the taiga. Nadia Stepanova hopes that the young people will again be aware of spirituality and of the gifts that Mother Nature bestows us.
Runtime: 30 minutes