Wake Up

2011-02-01 11:30:19

By Jonas Elrod, Chloe Crespi

Wake Up by Jonas Elrod, Chloe CrespiJonas Elrod was leading an ordinary life until he woke up one day to a totally new reality. He suddenly could see and hear angels, demons, auras and ghosts.

"Finally a documentary showing what a person on this journey may encounter and that you are not alone. What I enjoyed the most was how sincere the story is and the fear that most people have when confronted with this issue. I was happy to see the part about Mara in Santa Fe and how difficult these journeys can be on relationships. Thank you Jonas and Mara for coming out and sharing your story."

2012: Time for Change

2010-12-31 09:02:21

By Joao Amorim

2012: Time for Change by Joao Amorim2012: Time for Change” presents an optimistic alternative to apocalyptic doom and gloom. Directed by Emmy Award nominee Joao Amorim, the film follows journalist Daniel Pinchbeck, author of the bestselling 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, on a quest for a new paradigm that integrates the archaic wisdom of tribal cultures with the scientific method. As conscious agents of evolutions, we can redesign post-industrial society on ecological principles to make a world that works for all. Rather than breakdown and barbarism, 2012 heralds the birth of a regenerative planetary culture where collaboration replaces competition, where exploration of psyche and spirit becomes the new cutting edge, replacing the sterile materialism that has pushed our world to the brink.

The Artist and the Shaman

2010-11-30 15:17:29

By Paul Davids

The Artist and the Shaman by Paul DavidsA shaman with a cell phone. An artist who paints like Van Gogh. A 3-year old genius. And JFK's secret writer, who helped President Kennedy win a Pulitzer Prize for Profiles in Courage.

This story connects the lives of four people in a quest for life's deeper meaning. With the help of a modern "medicine man," the artist searches for the spirit of his departed father among the living, in the healing red rock country of Sedona, Arizona.

This critically-acclaimed documentary is a story of grief and transcendence, filled with music, art, beauty and native American wisdom -- a moving tribute to our loved ones who've gone by.

Between Two Worlds: The Hmong Shaman in America

2010-11-01 09:13:46

By Taggart Siegel

Between Two Worlds: The Hmong Shaman in America by Taggart SiegelBetween Two Worlds: The Hmong Shaman in America powerfully exposes the struggle of Hmong refugees in America. This classic documentary traces the lives of three Hmong families displaced thousands of miles from their villages in Northern Laos and alienated in American cities. Renowned anthropologist, Dwight Conquergood, narrates the rich history of shamanic rituals and explains the similarity between Hmong beliefs and those of Aboriginal people of the Americas. Rare and dramatic scenes reveal traditional ceremonies and psychological challenges faced by the Hmong, as they strive to maintain their culture. A missionary's attempt to convert a Hmong family to Christianity highlights the pressures confronting refugees adapting to a new environment. The effects of their trauma are extreme in the Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome, a mysterious phenomenon that causes Hmong men to die in their sleep. The ancient ways of the Hmong are in danger of being lost forever. This riveting documentary presents uncensored and unforgettable glimpses into a culture caught between two worlds.

Balancing the Cosmos - Living Traditions in a Modern Maya City

2010-09-30 13:03:38

By Andrew Weeks

Balancing the Cosmos - Living Traditions in a Modern Maya City by Andrew WeeksThis documentary film looks at the nearest contemporary equivalent to an Ancient Maya city where traditional shaman priests continue to carry out rituals as the mediators between this world and the world of the sacred. The balancing of the cosmos is dependent on their prayers and actions. This film is not Apocalyptic! It doesn't refer to our culture's fantasies or longings about 2012 as an end of the ancient Maya's long count calendar. We wanted to see what tradition meant in a modern Maya city. What survives in the face of social, religious and political pressures? Some say that Santiago Atitlán is the largest purely indigenous town in the Americas, and with a population of over fifty thousand speaking the Maya language of Tz'utujil it well may be. This is a look at a community driven by commerce, politics and religious ritual just as all cities have been throughout history. It s hard to think of another ancient civilization which has so much resonance with a contemporary society. Where people feel such a direct connection with their ancestors. I wanted this film to reflect my experience of the town, not to be a vehicle for explanations, theories or opinions about it. These are years of change everywhere and for everyone, and the Tz'utujil are no exception. This film was made over the course of eight years. The dramatis personae changed - some people grew and changed, others died. The town changed...tradition continued.