Dreamkeeper (2003)

2011-11-28 09:38:44

By Steve Barron

Dreamkeeper (2003) by Steve Barron"I want to tell you a story as it was told to me." This is the thesis of this wonderful three hour film. A grandfather tells his grandson (who has forgotten how to be an Indian) the Native American legends. The grandfather is a dreamkeeper who orally keeps the legends, culture and history of his people alive through stories passed down. Shane is a modern day 17 year old on the Res (the actual Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota) who embraces the gansta lifestyle.

Bear Spirit

2011-11-01 09:32:43

By Mark Rendall

Bear Spirit by Mark RendallA wonderful, surprising movie that everyone needs to see. A good movie for the whole family. If you are an animal and earth lover, you will really enjoy this film. A very warm and inspiring that shows how one person with a lot of determination can make a difference protect this beautiful and special sub-population of bears! It is a true story, based upon the actual events surrounding Simon Jackson.

The Shaman & Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms

2011-10-02 13:15:04

By Michael Wiese

The Shaman & Ayahuasca: Journeys to Sacred Realms by Michael WieseThe Shaman & Ayahuasca is an extraordinary journey into a little known and largely hidden realm. Through Michael Wiese's personal exploration, we are transported into a world where the mystical and the day-to-day merge and miracles are commonplace. If only for the educational and entertainment value as travelogue this film would be worth seeing but this film is so much more as it explores the physical, psychological and spiritual healing properties of ayahuasca. I highly recommend this film to all seekers who long to know more about themselves and the fascinating world of this sacred plant.

The Spirit of the Serpent, an Exploration of Earth Energy

2011-09-02 13:25:56

By Reality Films

The Spirit of the Serpent, an Exploration of Earth Energy by Reality FilmsFor the first time, this team of experts comes together in one place to unravel the mysteries of energy, folklore and our connection to Nature herself. Metaphysical concepts, once termed "fantasy" by the scientific establishment are now proven to be truth. The amazing thing is, our ancestors were well-aware of these truths all along.
Discover The Spirit of the Serpent, the energy of the Earth and face the realities of life, death and even the spirit world

Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health

2011-08-01 09:02:13

By Emma Bragdon

Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health by Emma BragdonSpiritist Therapies have been developed in community centers, hospitals and clinics for more than 150 years in Brazil. This film is an intimate, dramatic footage of indigenous healers communing with God and Nature depict the potential human beings have always had for direct communication with benevolent, intelligent, invisible forces. Compelling interviews with physicians and Spiritist leaders give backbone to the effectiveness of these therapies.