Woman Shaman: The Ancients

2013-05-30 16:19:59

By Max Dashú

Woman Shaman: The Ancients by Max DashúThis video by Max Dashú reveals the rich cultural record of medicine women, seers, oracles, healers, trance-dancers, shapeshifters, and dreamers—on a global scale. They told us that female spiritual leaders didn't exist, or were rare exceptions, or insignificant; that Indigenous medicine ways were superstitious and backward. All lies. To experience the beauty, power and wisdom of these spiritual legacies is medicine for the spirit, especially for the women who have been pushed down, marginalized, denied, and silenced in the name of religion. These most ancient spiritual ways have immense value—however far back, or deep, we have to go to recover this human birthright.

Healing Sounds - Program I: Principles of Sound Healing

2013-04-30 15:31:17

By Jonathan Goldman

Healing Sounds - Program I: Principles of Sound Healing by Jonathan GoldmanHealing Sounds with musician and sound healer Jonathan Goldman thoroughly explains the scientific aspects of how each object of matter, including stars, planets, human bodies and plants, vibrates at its own rate, giving off a sound that emanates out into space, in this fascinating and inspiring presentation with teachings, meditations, healings and visual imagery.

Drums of the Ancestors: Manchu and Mongol Shamanism

2013-03-31 16:42:46

By Susan Grimaldi

Drums of the Ancestors: Manchu and Mongol Shamanism by Susan GrimaldiThis remarkable and unique documentary filmed in North China and Inner Mongolia during a field study sponsored by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 1995, offers a rare opportunity to experience the living traditions of shamanism as practiced today by the Manchu and Mongol peoples. The film includes an ancient harvest ritual, a ceremony for healing, as well as interviews with shamans. Provides rare detail of actual shamanic ritual costume and altar presentations.
Color. 37 minutes. FSS Exclusive.

Nature Tracks Tracing the Shades Sangoma

2013-03-01 09:47:13

By Worldwide Media Organizations

Nature Tracks Tracing the Shades Sangoma by Worldwide Media OrganizationsThe shades of the spirits of the ancestors, whose voices speak in the winds that whistle
through the thatch of tribal hunts, are mysterious which is an integral part of Africa.
Credo Mutwa is one of Southern Africa's foremost herbalist and spiritual councilors,
known as a Sangoma or Inyanga in the local African vernacular.

Joseph Campbell: Sukhavati

2013-01-31 17:50:05

By Maxine Harris

Joseph Campbell: Sukhavati by Maxine HarrisThrough archival excerpts from his finest filmed lectures interwoven with exquisite images and evocative music from around the world, renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell takes us on a journey of transcendence and illumination, a trip through the mythological symbols and sagas left by our ancient forebears. What is revealed en route is "mankind's one great story," the grand drama played out by all cultures on all continents since time immemorial.