Taoist Shaman: Practices from the Wheel of Life

2011-05-01 09:42:12

By By Mantak Chia, Kris Deva North

Taoist Shaman: Practices from the Wheel of Life by By Mantak Chia, Kris Deva NorthIn the Taoist Shaman, Master Mantak Chia and Kris Deva North explain the shamanic principles of the Taoist Medicine Wheel, how it is oriented on the Five Elements rather than the Four Directions, how it relates to the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac and the trigrams of the I Ching, and how it aligns with the Eight Forces of the Pakua. Through illustrated teaching stories, the authors show how the energetic principles of each of the Eight Forces are reflected in the Eight Immortals. Revealing the wheel’s application to sacred sexuality, they offer exercises from the “Wheel of Love” to strengthen and deepen relationships as well as providing a means to access the Tao of Ecstasy.

Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic Stories

2011-03-31 14:08:51

By Michael Berman

Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic Stories by Michael BermanA shamanic journey is one that generally takes place in a trance state to the sound of a drumbeat, through dancing, or by ingesting psychoactive drugs, in which aid is sought from beings in other realities, generally for healing purposes or for divination. A shamanic story has either been based on or inspired by a shamanic journey, or one that contains a number of the elements typical of such a journey. In this collection of fascinating journeys and stories, Michael Berman reveals the healing nature of shamanic practice.

The Woman in the Shaman's Body: Reclaiming the Feminine in Religion and Medicine

2011-02-28 13:33:50

By Barbara Tedlock Ph.D.

The Woman in the ShamanA distinguished anthropologist – who is also an initiated shaman–reveals the long-hidden female roots of the world’s oldest form of religion and medicine. Here is a fascinating expedition into this ancient tradition, from its prehistoric beginnings to the work of women shamans across the globe today.
Tedlock combines firsthand accounts of her own training among the Maya of Guatemala with the rich record of women warriors and hunters, spiritual guides, and prophets from many cultures and times.


2011-02-01 11:40:18

By Kathy Doore

Markawasi by Kathy DooreMarkawasi details the true account of an ancient lost humanity of mysterious origin, whose hidden legacy carved gigantic, towering stone monuments, pointing to a message with predictions for the future.

In this beautifully-illustrated, photo guidebook by author Kathy Doore, readers will be carried on a journey of self-discovery through one of the most mystical and breathtaking places on earth - the Markawasi Stone Forest. First discovered in Peru in 1952, and soaring 12,000 feet above the Pacific coast on the western-most ridge of the Peruvian Andes, Markawasi was virtually unknown to the English-speaking world a decade ago.

Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions

2010-12-31 08:55:36

By Virgil Mayor Apostol

Way of the Ancient Healer: Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions by Virgil Mayor Apostol"In Way of the Ancient Healer, Virgil Mayor Apostol brilliantly blends the art and science of the sacred teachings of Filipino traditional healing to help people find their path toward health and happiness."
—Deepak Chopra,

It provides an overview of the rich tradition of Filipino healing practices, discussing their origins, world influences, and role in daily life. Enhanced with over 300 photographs and illustrations, the book combines years of historical research with detailed descriptions of the spiritual belief system that forms the foundation of these practices. Giving readers a rare look at modern-day Filipino healing rituals.