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New York Shamanic Circle

Shamanic 12 Step Group (Whittier, NC)

Shamanic Apprentice Council (Baltimore, Maryland)

Shamanic Apprenticeships/Andean Mystery Teachings (Stone Lake, WI)

Shamanic cicle forming in Northern California (foothills and placerville, ca)

Shamanic circle (Nevada City CA)

Shamanic Circle (Boise, Idaho)

Shamanic Circle 2nd Saturday of the Month (Fullerton, CA)

Shamanic Council (Seattle, Washington)

Shamanic Dreaming (Wendell, MA)

Shamanic Dreaming Circle (Wendell, MA)

Shamanic Dreamwork (New England)

Shamanic Drum Circle (Marblehead, MA)

Shamanic Drum Circles (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

Shamanic Drum Sessions, Totem Animal Encounter (Querétaro, Querétaro)

Shamanic Drumming & Journeying Group, 2nd Saturday (Houston, Texas)

Shamanic Drumming Circle (Hawthorne, NY)

Shamanic Drumming Circle (Portland & Sandy, OR)

Shamanic Drumming Circle (Conway, Arkansas)

Shamanic Drumming Circle (Portland, Oregon)

Shamanic Drumming Circle (Conway, Arkansas)