Help From The Universe


We are receiving enormous help to awaken from the Beings of the Sky, the Spirits, and from loving off-worlders. As light workers continue to heighten their consciousness, we are building a great momentum to make a paradigm shift. This will bring great love and healing. It will be the beginning of a new way of living based on harmony, peace, and joy. For more information go to

Neptune And The Calling of The Bridge People


This present time in human history is a particularly extraordinary one. Ancient cultures prophesied this time to be one of profound shifting from a fear-based power-over paradigm to a paradigm of awakening to the heart. During this unstoppable shifting, the Bridge People will be called forth. It is when individuals who want to thrive in their Beingness will freely chose to become aware of their Spirits and their purpose for being here. They will feel strong inspiration to bring forward their unconditional love, gifts, and abilities to help our planet and all life on it. They will feel a powerful desire to touch the lives of others, so that they too may discover their gifts and find direction in their lives.

This is a very exciting time. If you are reading this, you might ask yourself, "Do I want to be a Bridge Person?"There's no pressure here. It is something that you'd discover, like finding a treasure in your heart.

Neptune's position in our birth charts reveals a good deal about our inspirations, spiritual abilities, and gifts. For example, my Neptune is in Libra in the 5th house. It has shown me time after time just how much I delight I experience in helping others discover who they are as wondrous Beings. When transiting Uranus and Neptune made a square (a 90 degree angle) to my natal Neptune, I felt my strong desire to be a Bridge Person. Then the magic unfolded. I studied shamanism and then applied the tools and knowledge I learned to astrology. After cultivating shamanic star knowledge for many years with the help of the Spirits, I began offering services as a star shaman, or shamanic astrologer. I love my life! There's never a dull moment. If being a star shaman calls to you, feel free to contact me to explore possibilities and to begin your apprenticeship.

Neptune is presently dancing in the middle of the constellation of Aquarius, or the Water Bearer. I use this sidereal position of Neptune and the other planets because I have found the sidereal astrological system to speak strongly to the spiritual aspects of who and we really are. Sidereal astrology shows us where things are actually in the sky, whereas the tropical system puts things about 24 degrees ahead of where the sun, moon, and planets actually lie in the sky. This may at first sound a bit confusing to people when they find this out. I was amazed when I first learned that there were two different systems for calculating a star chart. Interestingly, when I recalculated my chart from the tropical to sidereal, my natal sun landed in Pisces. I could relate so much more to a Sun in Pisces rather than the tropical position of Aries! My students and clients have felt this way about their changes in sun and moon signs, too! They felt much more at home with the sidereal placements. It was like a confirmation of what they knew deep inside themselves.

Transiting Neptune in Aquarius graciously offers inspiration and guidance. The energy is all about helping people wake up to their own vibrant and capable Spirit, or True Self. When we connect with the Neptune on a spiritual basis, it assists us being all of who we can be, which includes discovering aspects of ourselves that are beyond time and space. When we discover these aspects about ourselves, there is a big shift from within, and this brings a delight that is absolutely delicious. Again, your star chart will reveal more about these aspects of the Real You!

There are many ways you can serve as a Bridge Person. There is no one way that is better than another. If you feel a desire to be a Bridge Person, let the universe and Spirits know you seek guidance. Offer them a gift, such as bee pollen, a song, or something else that comes from your heart. Then see what comes up inside you and what comes to your path. Sense inspiration when you are reading something or when you hear something on the radio, internet, or TV. Let yourself not get attached to preconceived notions on how you will find your direction as a Bridge Person. You will find out.

If you feel called to explore life as a star shaman, an apprenticeship in the Shamanic Star Knowledge Program will give you the opportunity to be a Bridge Person through developing an intimate connection with the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. This will bring healing and knowledge to you first. Then, as you feel guided, you can pass these on to others. If you have already been on a path of healing and knowledge, an apprenticeship will take you into new depths and riches on your journey.

If you feel called in another direction, go with the feeling of that. Seek what lights you up, what gives you the "yes I want that" sensation. As you come to trust your Self on ever new levels, you will be just where you want to be. And when you are there, the journey will just get more and more interesting and extraordinary.

Feeling Your Passion and Aiming Your Love


Mars now shines as a beacon near the heart of the Milky Way. Look up into the night and you will see the bright planet in the early degrees of Sagittarius, dancing in the galaxy’s vast river of stars that surges above us in the shimmering darkness. As Mars make its way across the field of Sagittarian energies, it will call us to quest for inner knowing about our life purposes. It is a personal quest for something only you yourself can discover. It is an inward journey.

There is a great passion that beats in the center of each and everyone’s Beingness. Mars points our attention to feeling this enormous love. It is a love that wants to fill us and spill over into the world, touching all life.

Our capacity to let love flow like a river might be something we find ourselves resisting. It can bring up fear and old hurts to be so fluid and expressive. We humans tend not to acknowledge the beauty of our Spirits’ feelings and the richness of our love and passion. We have fallen into the trap of toning it all down and forgetting about our splendor. When we let the love flow from our centers, it will wash away any pain and open us to new streams of consciousness and direction.

Sagittarius is often depicted as a centaur, poised with a stellar bow, and pointing its flaming arrow into the heart of the Milky Way. It also can be seen as an archer on horseback. An ancient symbol, it shows us our capacity to ride our passion and purposefully aim our love. When we know precisely where we want to direct our love, we can send it so that it touches ourselves and others with a healing impact.

What is your passion? Where do you want to aim your love?

I live in a neighborhood filled with horses. I hear them talk their own language, whinnying under night skies as if they are communing with the constellations. They will gallop with the wind or stand in trance for hours. Their physical prowess is breathtaking and their consciousness extends beyond time and space. They sense things on subtle levels and bring peace and balance to the world. They understand community and their curiosity is boundless. They have a softness in them that can melt even the most hardened of hearts. Powerful in their bodies and Spirits, horses for millennium have been showing up our planet and interacting with humans.

If you allow it to happen, Mars in Sagittarius will inspire you to learn from the ways of horses and take yourself on a journey into the vast field of your consciousness. It will be a quest to know who and what you really are. It will become your own unique way to find your passion, steady yourself, and discover your place among the stars.

If you want to hear about another person’s quest, I recently wrote about my shamanic journey into astrology and sky consciousness. It has been posted on the home page of At this site, you also can learn more about retreats and astrology studies that will teach you the ways of star shamanism.

Jupiter in Virgo - A Journey into Well-Being… 8.16.2016


What experiences have you had in your life that give you hope for a wonderful existence? Are you now living the life your heart really beats for? Where are you heading and what would you regret not doing in your future?

Your life is your journey. It is personal to you and has the potential to be amazing, filled with love, freedom, and meaning. If it doesn't feel that way, aren’t you telling yourself something? What needs to change?

Jupiter, the planet of seeking and discovering, has just moved into Virgo and will be there for a little over a year.* Virgo speaks to your personal well-being and to the well-being of nature and all life. You now have a window of time to make the most of this life-enhancing energy configuration.

Your well-being certainly is your affair and you can take the matter into your own hands and go for it. By being willing and by answering questions like those above, you will make significant headway into making needed changes. It all starts with the inner awakening of your feeling-awareness. By paying attention to what your awareness feels like, you can learn by trial and error to purposefully direct it. YOU and THE SKILLFUL USE OF YOUR AWARENESS are very important! They are at the HEART OF YOUR POWER to live a full, peaceful, and passionate life.

Your happiness and health depend on how you use your awareness. When you direct it into such feelings like deep caring, endless curiosity, and big wonder, you will feel more alive and new doors will open up for you. You will see things about yourself and life that you never saw before. You will explore uncountable possibilities and express your delicious creativity. Your dance through the days, weeks, and months will grow more exciting and nourishing!

Seeking and discovering your purposefulness and power is the way of Jupiter. As you open your heart to living a quality of life that you may of believed was beyond reach, the magic happens. There will be surprises and unexpected twists and turns and this adds a lot of fun to things! Keep honing your awareness and you will find yourself trusting your inner knowing and guidance. On top of all this, by seeking your own well-being, you will know how you want to impact others. Touching lives with your gifts fills the heart and brings healing to our planet.

Much love, joy, and learning to you as you journey forward into Virgo with Jupiter!

*Jupiter’s position and length of stay in Virgo is based on sidereal astrology, which shows you where the Sun, Moon, and planets actually are in the sky. Students and clients find these sidereal positions (rather than tropical) in their star charts more accurate and inspiring. For more information, please head over to or to the sister site, These are new links that are not yet posted to the personal information above.

July 12, 2016 .... Birthing A New Level of Trusting Your Self


As Pluto dances through Sagittarius,* things that have been hidden are being revealed. It is the opening of a modern day Pandora’s Box that is filled with both gems and gunk. That which has been oppressed or suppressed is seeking to rise to the surface of our personal and collective consciousness. That which has been secreted away wants to be seen and acknowledged in the light of unconditional love and understanding, without judgment.

The hidden includes an uncountable number of beautiful things that reside deep within our Beingness. These aspects of ourselves seek to emerge into our awareness, so that we can experience the delight firsthand. When we acknowledge them, we cannot help but feel just how rich and vast we really are. Discovering the treasures buried inside our hearts allows us to live full and amazing lives.

There are also things stored in our unconscious we may resist seeing. It is the old gnarly stuff we have been hauling around without knowing it. This stuff includes joy-squelching habits of condemning or criticizing ourselves or others. You might hear it as babble in the back of your mind saying, “I am not good enough. I am doing it wrong. There’s something wrong with me. I’m a mess.” The gnarly stuff includes the harbored fear, pains, loss, disappointments, angers, and so on. This gunk that we have stuffed into our unconscious wreaks havoc in our minds and bodies. It suffocates our lightness of being. It is time we faced, honored, and released and the gunk. It is seeking a way to leave your energy field.

Being honest with ourselves is a sacred and healing thing to do. We need to be kind with ourselves to be honest. It usually is challenging to meet the ugly stuff we so desperately try to keep down. It is not “bad stuff,” it is simply the stuff that can look soooo nasty to us … ugh - stay away! It also can be just as challenging to acknowledge our wondrousness. We may feel unworthy. We may feel like we will be arrogant if we see and own our gifts. Our resistances to knowing ourselves need to move on.

To look within is to trust that you will find the Real You. This gives you the chance to learn how to become all that you are and can be.

On a collective world-wide level, we are seeing disturbing cover-ups being uncovered in loud ways in governments, religions, law, business, and education. Movies like Spotlight or The Big Short are just a few of the social statements that suggest, “Let’s take a good look at what’s we’ve been allowing to lurk behind the scenes and keep control of our destiny. Let’s be the humans we can be and bring healing and realignment to things, so that we are living in ways that express our beauty and caring.” With Pluto coursing through Sagittarius, it’s time to get real. Where there is real, there is real unconditional love.

Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur or by a rider with bow and arrow on horseback. In both cases, the arrow is pointing right in to the heart center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The ancients who pictured these symbols were on to something and they graciously have left their guidance in the sky for us.

With Pluto in Sagittarius, we have the extraordinary opportunity, like the rider on horseback, to journey within to find our own heart center. Imagine the exhilaration of riding into the vast terrain of your heart! Here is where we come to know personal truth. It is an inner knowing that we have when we are feeling clear and calm.

By riding in to our inner knowing, we find the guidance we seek. And in the process, something magical happens - we develop an unfathomably deep trust in our own unique and balanced Self.

Imagine trusting yourself to such a degree, you feel at peace and at ease in all that you do. Would this be worth pursuing?

Exploring where Pluto is transiting your natal star chart is powerful business. There will be much learning that will come with the adventure. The planet’s alignment will help you see what areas of your life are holding gems for you. Let yourself find the gems from within and you will find yourself living in abundance.

(*Pluto’s position in Sagittarius is according to sidereal astrology, which shows things as they are in the sky. If you looked up and could see Pluto with the naked eye, this would be its location. Also, if you are interested to learn more about this astrology of awakening, I will publishing a new and additional website soon. It is called Aquarian Astrology.)

Deep Desires to Transform .... June 28, 2016


Desire for real change and personal transformation is something that comes from deep inside a person. It cannot be forced or manipulated. It is something very personal, very sincere, something to be highly respected. It is a passion that wells up from within like a fountain. It can grow so strong and become so relentless, it can feel like a giant geyser that bursts forth from the heart of the Earth, like the enormous geysers in Yellowstone National Park, USA.

According to sidereal astrology, Mars, the planet of passion, has been in retrograde motion (appearing to go backwards in the zodiac) for a while. It began this motion when it was dancing mid-way through the brilliant constellation of the Scorpion, whose tail curls into the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The tip of the tail points to the heart of birthing the new and the vast. Momentarily, the red planet is dipping back into Libra, the Balance. It will turn around and return to Scorpio, and when it does, Dragon Treasure awaits you.

When Mars goes retrograde there is a strikingly profound opportunity to look inside to explore what YOU are really passionate about. These are your Spirit's passions, and it is powerful business to know what they are. They will motivate you like nothing else will. Maybe it is the passion to give and receive love, or to awaken to all of who you can be, or to make a difference in the world. Your passions are your inner geysers, and when you feel them, you feel alive ... like a whale jumping out of the sea, or a wolf howling on a hilltop, or a flower bursting forth with color! In your passion, you will know what you want to pursue. You will feel a big willingness to go for it.

When Mars travels through Scorpio, you can go with the energy of the planet and go deep. In your depths you can find sweet exquisite stillness, a stillness that we all can learn to feel. It is the quietness that initiates in the ancient mystery schools sought to feel when they visited the sacred temples. This stillness is a gold mine because stillness means you can sense and feel your Spirit and the ways and gifts of your Spirit. It's in the sacred silence that you can come to understand your purpose and path with clarity. In the silence, there is a breathtaking absence of mind babble and emotional roller coasting. There is an extraordinary calm.

For many people, Mars in Scorpio is experienced as emotional tumultuousness in one area of their life or another. There are things that upset and unsettle them. They may feel more volatile or buried under the weight of fears and shoulds. This is not a bad thing. It is really an indication that there is something inside them that is calling to be released. When we release the old angers, pains, and fears, we open ourselves to the stillness and to our personal passions. Mars in Scorpio invites us to be honest about our old baggage and to let it go into the Earth, where she will help it move on its way.

When you let go of the old, the new comes in and becomes apparent to you. The new and the fresh bring you into the lightness of being.

I wish you much love and guidance on your journey within. May you come to bask in the treasures of your Spirit's rich and nourishing feelings, like peace, deep caring, joy, and curiosity!

Looking For Your Truth


What does it take to know truth?

What's it's like when you turn on the TV, open up to a site on the internet, or read the newspaper? Do you feel like you can find truth in any of these places?

Or perhaps guideposts to the truth?

How often have you observed yourself or another say one thing but mean another? Although not much truth is being exchanged, it is understandable that we do such things. We tend to be afraid of truth and the impact it may have. And truth to be truth needs to be communicated with kindness and deep caring. Otherwise truth turns into dogma, judgment, and condemnation. That tears up hearts.

We easily can kid ourselves about truth. We all know what it's like when we are in a snit and our emotions are screaming inside our heads. We think we know the truth and feel justified about our dramas and inner warring. It is so seductive to con ourselves into thinking that we are right.

So where can you find truth?

Indigenous peoples who lived in love and respect knew that real truth or real knowledge comes from first-hand experience, experience that you have while you are feeling your True Spiritual Self. This suggests that the key is to know what the feeling of your Beingness is really like. You knew it as a child. You can find that feeling again and live in it. This will awaken your inner perception in an extraordinary way. You will have insight about your personal truth that is as keen as an owl's perceptiveness and inner knowing.

According to the sidereal astrology, Uranus is now in the constellation of Pisces. Uranus speaks to humanity's capability to wake up out of the box of obsolete western cultural thinking. Neptune helps us reveal our illusions so that we can turn our attention to our Spiritual Selves and the Spirit World. In other words, it is a wonderful time to seek and bring back the feeling of your Beingness and live in close connection with all kinds of Spirit Helpers, the way the ancients did.

As you come to know yourself more fully, your sense of truth is very personal and very rich. It is not better or less than the truth of another. It is amazing and fulfilling to know and live your truth. When you live it you share it. You will have a glow about you that comes from the inner knowing that resides in your center. You become a gift to others because you are willing to allow them to discover and live their own truths. This adds to the collective truth of humanity and inspires a whole new level of consciousness on our planet.

Saturn in Scorpio - Are you going with the river or against it?


Emotional overwhelm is rising to the surface of the western culture. People are unsettled and anxious. With sidereal Saturn transiting through sidereal Scorpio, this is an opportune time to ask, “What am I doing with my inner life?“ ”What am I carrying around that makes me feel so uneasy or heavy?” “What can I discover by looking within that feels safe, inspiring, and worthwhile?”

Our culture’s long-standing means for coping with uncertainty is to grasp for security. We hang onto relationships, jobs, routines, money, and things. We cling to what’s familiar, like our fears, shoulds, personal history, and old stashed emotions to try to feel OK.

While our craving for security is very understandable, it leaves us unbalanced and distracted. There is another way to move forward.

It’s a good thing that our inner lives are getting stirred up. It indicates that something deep within us wants to emerge. That something is our true identity, our genuine Self. Our own unique Spirit seeks to come out of hiding and express itself and its abilities!

When we keep the door closed to what is rising from within, we not only hide our Self, our own Song, we end up carrying around a lot of old unhealthy baggage. This makes things hard on ourselves. It makes us sick. It is going against the river of life.

Going with the river of life means letting go of our clinginess. It is the allowing of our baggage and stagnancy to be swept away into the current, gone forever. This needs to be part of our spiritual walk if we want to awaken. To clear away the old has its challenges, so let’s explore what can help to let it go.

First, we need to go within and cultivate a rich inner life. Otherwise, things will just stay the same - all messy, distorted, and tense. The universe will back our journey within and assist us every step of the way.

Second, we need knowledge. The most important knowledge is knowing our own true Beingness and learning how to identify with the feeling of it. This awareness allows us to distinguish between our real Self and the old patterns that are not us. This makes it much easier to notice and let go of old habits that make our life hard. Life doesn’t have to be hard!

It’s natural to seek support as part of your quest to know your true Beingness, gifts, and potentials. Star Chart Readings, Chart Counseling, and experiencing the Ceremony of Finding Your Song are ways to go with the river. They’ll help you trust your Self so that you can let go of the old and bring in the wonders that live inside you.

Copyrighted © 2015 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

Full Moon - Wagging In Our Heart's Delight


Full Moon In Love

At the exact moment the Moon is at her fullest today, she glows in Libra,* the constellation of “Harmony, Balance, and Equality.” As she hums a soft tune, the Sun shines in his delight on the other side of the Earth, jumping high as he can into the sky in Aries, the constellation of “Fresh, New, and Passionate.”

Like children at play on a see-saw, they light up in each other’s presence.

In his wonderful way of exploring what’s new with his local buddies, Brownie, the next-door neighbor’s dog comes over for a short visit. When I open the door to feel the cool spring air, he looks over from where he is quietly basking in the warmth of this morning’s rising Santa Fe light.

As if weightless, he jumps up, his body body swaying furiously to catch up to his fabulous tail. Petting him gently, Brownie does not put any brake on his wagging speed.

His gift beyond measure, I hunt for some organic delights in the fridge. An egg jumps into his doggy dish, along with fresh cooked chicken meat. Bacon fat and some roasted fowl canine yummies leap in, too.

As I talk to him while stirring his food, his golden eyes reach into mine, his tail eternally tickling life.

How might you like to join Brownie and wag in your heart’s delight this coming month?

*Based on western sidereal calculations, which shows where the Sun, Moon, and Planets are actually in the sky at this time.

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The New Moon Sings - Going Where No One Has Gone Before!


Like a wise grandmother who sits down beside us to talk, with her heart’s music singing in her eyes, the Moon offers her kindness to awaken something new in our dance with life.

On April 28-9, the Moon joins the Sun in the constellation of The Ram, or Aries.* Beyond her close presence to Earth, the Planets of the Sky create a Giant Crystal as well as a Diamond in the Heaven above. It’s as if the Sky is a huge ancient cavern, with gems shining out from its round marbled walls. The gems glitter in the shape of petroglyphs that reach out like hands to touch our Spirits.

The Giant Crystal and Diamond of the Night are pointing to the many jewels that shimmer inside ourselves. The real treasure that most of us are seeking lies in our true identities and abilities. In Ka Ta See we poetically refer to the wondrous feeling of our own unique true Self as our “Song”.

These astrological alignments speak to the feeling that a surfer might experience when watching a huge serpent of water rise out of the “great blue” before her. Or what the Star Trek crew might sense when they are about to engage warp speed and go “where no one has gone before.” Or what we might feel when we really and fully let in the smile and love from the one sitting across us in the candlelight.

Where is that exquisite feeling in you?

Maybe you are reluctant about dancing with the bigness of life. It can be rather intimidating to meet face to face with the big waves, or the vast frontier, or the endless love before you. These magnificent relationships lead us into life-changing unknowns. Maybe there is some worry about being grabbled and tumbled in an undertow, or lost in endless space, or forgotten after the candle has been blown out.

Genuine feelings that come from deep within, from our own Song, are the waves that give rise to our risking. They wake us out of our asleepness.

Riding the feelings of your own Beingness is like sailing your ship on the mysterious currents of life. Like compasses, your Song’s feelings have knowledge in them and will give you direction. Following them will lead you into adventures that take you to new continents of experience and discovery.

The New Moon alignment speaks to being bold. It means risking and venturing forth to remember and feel the freedom, peace, and joy of your own Song. It’s allowing yourself to move though your fear and let yourself feel the aliveness and passion of the Real You.

Why not go where you've never gone before!

*Based on western sidereal calculations, which more accurately reveals where the Sun, Moon, and Planets are actually positioned in the Sky.

**To learn more about finding your own Song, who and what you really are, please contact us at

Copyrighted © 2014 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

Full Moon Eclipse and A Diamond in The Night


Just after midnight, in the stillness of April 15th’s night sky, a Total Lunar Eclipse took place. It was a profound astrological event between the Sun, Earth, and Moon, in which the Earth and all her inhabitants stood in exact alignment between the Sun in Aries (The Ram) and the Moon in Libra (The Balance).

The Moon took on a deep reddish hue during its ecliptic alignment, as if it was extending a warm and tender hand upon our planet. It’s energetic touch has a long-lasting effect, like a large wave in the ocean that ripples out to share its gifts with every continent it can reach.

At the same time the Moon was being eclipsed, the planets Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, and conjoined Uranus/Mercury formed a Diamond in the heavens. The Diamond cradled the Earth inside its center.

Eclipsing Your Present Way of Caring and Relating

What do these astrological alignments offer humanity?

We can notice limiting ways of interacting and move beyond them. We can put behind us habits of communicating that have been preventing us from going to wondrous new places in our relationships.

Libra is all about relationships. The first and primary relationship is with our own unique Beingness. In Ka Ta See we poetically refer to our Beingness as our “Song.” Learning about our own true nature is a profound undertaking. In our western culture, we are taught to forget our Song at a young age and become who others want us to be.

When we do not perceive and know our own Song, how can we really perceive and know someone else?

With unconditional acceptance, the Full Moon in Libra reveals how we have separated ourselves from our Beingness. It likewise guides us on a path to feeling and sharing the kindness and presence of our Song.

The Sun in Aries reveals the courage we have inside us to be willing to see what gifts and passions await us, if we step forward to relate in fresh and exciting ways.

The planetary array of the Diamond in the Sky speaks to the added importance of listening to the words we use.

Words have long been used as weapons in our world. Criticism and belittling beats ourselves and others into submission. Sharp words and glances bring a big sting to their targets. Judgments squeeze the joy and life out of our hearts. Withholding words of encouragement is like sucking the air out of a room.

Each of us has a unique Song that is peaceful and healing by its very nature. Words that are hurtful, condescending, or plastic reveal that we are forgetting who we really are. When we find and speak words that bring understanding, curiosity, and acceptance, we know we are on track in relating with awareness from our exquisite Beingness.

The Lunar Eclipse and the Diamond in the night are stellar events that stimulate awakening to our Beingness. There’s no time like now to know your own Song.

In Song, you can create relationships beyond belief!

Copyright © 2014 by Ken Robinson.

New Moon - Things Are Not Always What They Seem to Be: Peak into the Riches of the Heart


New Moon March 30, 2014

Things Are Not Always What They Seem to Be - Riches Await You

In a New Moon Ceremonial Gathering, six of us gathered with the Spirits and Star Beings to honor and receive the gifts of this New Moon. Under the subtle lights and energies of the Night Sky, there was an abundance of heartfelt sharing, an unconditional caring that spilled over in a beautiful healing way. There were wonders and a surges of love that rose high like ocean waves and washed over our small group and out into the world.

What became intriguingly apparent to us was that the powerful alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus in Pisces *(The Fishes or Dolphins) is inspiring us to further awaken to rich feelings and the vast non-linear parts of our own unique wondrous Beingness. These are extraordinary aspects of our individual Spirit that exist beyond time and space.

As if they are long-lost dear friends knocking on our front door, these non-linear parts of ourselves are seeking to get our attention so that we once again may allow them into the warm and inviting home of our consciousness. Once we let them in, we can enjoy the delicious feelings that naturally come with these delightful reunions.

Because we in the western culture have been taught to ignore these timeless abilities and wonderful feelings of our Real Identities, most people experience these knocks on the door of their hearts as unwanted problems, such unforeseen disruptions in relationships, health, bank accounts, or careers. The circumstances around these important parts of our life first may appear to be disruptive and very threatening, like they are the “last thing in the world that I would ever want to happen.”

Interesting enough, these unwanted situations are actually the spice of life. They are calling us to pay attention to something new and beyond our usual way of thinking and feeling. The fresh and beautiful simply wants to be birthed and developed in us.

For example, let’s say the knock on your door comes through a relationship. Perhaps a love relationship in your life seems to be falling apart and you are really upset about it. You might ask, “Why is this happening to me?” As you dare to explore with your intuition the many possibilities that exist outside the box of your typical way of thinking, you may discover that you really are calling yourself forward to be more emotionally genuine and available with yourself and others. You are learning that there is so much more of the Real Vast and Loving You to bring into your love dance with another, so that the relationship feels safe and adventurous, full of joy and pleasure and real sharing.

What you first thought was terrible turns out to be not the disaster it seemed to be. In letting this new awareness in from the Beyond Aspect of your Beingness, you can feel how it fills your heart. This feeling and all the intelligence that comes with it then becomes part of your inner guidance in the way you relate to others. As you learn to trust your Self and bring forward your authenticity and emotional balance in a kind, courageous, and understanding way, you naturally find that your way of creating a love relationship becomes your way of manifesting your “Heaven on Earth,” amazingly rich and exquisite in more ways than you could have before imagined!

*This alignment is based on western sidereal calculations, which reflects where the Sun, Moon, and Planets are actually in the sky.

Copyrighted © 2014 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

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Opening Your Arms with March's Full Moon Love


If you ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?” you will be dancing in the light of the Full Moon in Virgo.

The Moon glowed fully on March 16, at 11:08 am, mountain time. Directly across the zodiac from her was the Sun, smiling with soft eyes in Pisces.* This lunar-solar alignment links us into the adventure of exploring who we really as vast spiritual Beings, capable of extraordinary love and service.

When you ask yourself who you want to be in each situation that faces you, you might add “What kind of love do I want to offer myself and the other?”

We are taught in our western culture to hide our True Selves and our unconditional love behind limited habitual beliefs, like “I am not good enough to offer anything of great value.” The beliefs are not bad. They are simply blind and inaccurate.

As a Being who can open your arms to give and receive, the Full Moon calls you to allow yourself to feel your heart and express your Genuine Self. It means going beyond your fear and letting yourself taste the sweet nectar of kindness, incoming and outgoing!

*This sidereal placement of the Moon and Sun is a more accurate portrayal of where they actually are in the sky. Copyright © 2014 by Ken Robinson

Astrology of Awakening, Santa Fe, NM

New Moon: Letting Love In


"Let love in and let it fill you until you are spilling over with it" was the Spirits' and Sky Beings' message in our New Moon Ceremony. They asked that the message be passed on to you.

Students came over to my home here in New Mexico to gather for the ceremony on March 1. The joining of the Sun and Moon took place in the constellation of The Water Bearer, or Aquarius (sidereal calculations). With them were Neptune and Chiron.

The love and caring that was shared moved us all. It was like opening our arms to the Vast Night Sky and receiving a love of shimmering beauty. The unconditional love surrounded and permeated us with rivers of life energy, bringing healing and alignment to each of us and to us as a group. We were part of this extraordinary caring from above that was extended to all of you and all life on our planet.

Much delight and wonder to you as you explore the New Moon energies given to you!

Becoming Curious: A Happy Alternative to Comparing Ourselves


Comparing ourselves with others is like grappling with a seductive drugged-out monster.

Remember some circumstances this past week when you looked at others and wished you had their looks, car, lover, job, money, or their intelligence??

Remember those other moments when you looked at certain people and instead said to yourself, “I’m so glad that’s not me!”??

The monster of comparison gets it “fix” by first making us feel like a “less than” in the world. At its most extreme, it acts like a bully of our worst nightmares. It grabs a hold of us, throws us down, and verbally uses us as an eternal punching bag. Criticizing. Shaming. Blaming. After stomping on our hearts and chomping on our brains, it spits us out and declares that we are a “real loser.” An embarrassment on the planet.

Then, a little later, the monster changes tactics. It coerces us to puff up like a balloon and be a “better than” in society. As if it were a fan who feigns over everything we do, it follows us around in adoration. It incites us to feel like we are part of the elite, high above others. How strong! How sexy! How cool! How smart! Gloating in the limelight, the monster keeps waving a sign, “You are number one.” The hottest thing on the planet.

Down. Up. Down. Up. Less than. Better than. The monster does all that it can to keep us on a roller coaster. Ever finding ways to twist and tweak our most valuable commodity, our awareness, our attention. Ever draining our energy and to keep up its habit of ruthless comparing.

As I write, Jupiter and Mars are dancing in the constellation of The Twins, usually referred to as Gemini. Across the zodiac is Pluto moving through the constellation of The Archer, or Sagittarius.*

The planets form a powerful configuration that gives us a big window of opportunity to transform the way we use our thoughts and feelings. An opportunity to catch ourselves when we compare and judge and to let go of the destructive habit ..... forever!


Get curious. Let yourself be curious about your comparisons and judgments. See where they came from, where in the past you learned them. Let them show you how superficial they are, how they have nothing to do with living the life your heart wants for you. Learn not to judge the judgments.

Then honor them and show them the doorway to their own paradise. Let the monster of comparison go to monster heaven. Ask Mother Earth to open a doorway into another realm and let the monster and its comparing habit go, waving to it as it departs. That’s a win-win, win for you and win for it. No need for fighting.

When looking at your natal chart through your Song’s** eyes of unconditional love, your natal chart will reveal the beauty and richness of the real You. This the way of the Shamanic Astrology of Awakening, an astrology the Spirits have taught me, a star knowledge I share with you to assist you in your awakening on your journey through your unique human experience.

*The planetary positions are based on western sidereal calculations, which reveals the sky more accurately. This is what you actually will see when you look up into the night .

**”Song” is the word poetically used in Ka Ta See to describe the unique vibrant feeling sensation of our Spirits.

Copyright © 2013 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

What Stimulates Your Passion?


What have you done today that really got you excited? When did you last engage your Self so that you felt entirely invigorated by your instinctual love for life itself?

Like a wolf that feels so alive when it howls with its pack under a star-filled sky, our personal Essence thrives when we are pursuing and enjoying what we each truly love.

Deep down inside us is our voice that sings in delight when we feel and dance our Destiny. Our destinies are always unique and wondrous.

Where is Mars in your astrology chart? It's sign and house placement indicate what really stimulates your passion and how you can express your passion fully. The placement will also reveal culturally-learned tendencies that tweak, twist, and suppress your vitality and enthusiasm.

Why not go for it and discover what completely engages you? It will give you the ride of a lifetime!

Copyrighted 2012/13 by Ken Robinson.

Relationships “of the Third Kind”


Shamanic Astrology of Awakening: Timely Messages from the Sky Beings

Saturn in Libra: Giving Form to Relationships “of the Third Kind”

Are you happy with your relationships? Have they gotten stale? Have they ever been what you really wanted them to be, where you felt so loved and loving with another?

Perhaps you are wondering whether real friendships and love relationships are even possible!

Well it doesn’t have to be that way.

Stunning and enormous as it orbits through the zodiac, Saturn is now transiting the constellation of Balance (Libra). It will be there the next two years.* This planetary alignment won’t happen again until 2041.

What’s in it for you? It’s like Saturn is ringing out an energy from the sky that says: “Look again. There is a world of wondrous relationships awaiting you. Open your heart and mind and go for it.”

Not bad, eh? Saturn is not the bringer of burdens and difficulties as is so often assumed in astrological circles.

Need an example of what a Saturn in Libra relationship process might look like?

Perhaps you have already experienced the motion picture, Avatar. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. This inspiring sci-fi motion picture depicts what it takes to ride the energy waves of the zodiac into the arms of real love and friendship. No emptiness and boredom here!

The movie’s main character is Jake Sully, a young wheelchair-wielding soldier. Duty calls him to a base on an off-world planet, Pandora, where a large military-protected mining operation is underway to obtain Unobtainium.

This coveted mineral exists in abundance under the roots of Sacred Trees, which are precious to the Na’vi, the vibrant indigenous people of the planet. The Trees are home to their spiritual ancestors and to Eywa, the Source of Life, the one who ceaselessly provides unbounded energy and unconditional love to all Beings. With Eywa’s help, the Na’vi live in harmony with Pandora, the natural world, and each other.

Most everyone on the mining base, including Jake, are drilled into believing that Pandora is a treacherous place to be. They are oblivious to the underlying richness, freedom, and healing that such vast unconditional love that Eywa and the Spirit World offers.

(Sounds familiar, doesn’t it, to what we find in our society on the Earth today, where our social and religious indoctrination and fears of authority block us from relying on the gentle guidance from our own Essences?)

Assigned to a team of caring scientists that also resides on the base, Jake’s duty is to protect them during their research outings to study on Pandora and to learn peacefully from the Na’vi. However, Jake’s hard-nosed commanding officer thinks that the battle-savvy soldier should use his position on the team as a covert means of infiltrating and gathering intel among the Na’vi, so that they can be easily defeated in battle. Wrapped up in thinking that he-is-and-always-will-be-a-rugged-order-following-fighting Marine, Jake is quick to go along with the Colonel’s plan.

(Do we not do the same, often identifying with what we think we should be? How many thousands of times do we conform out of fear or shame to what we think others will approve of, assuming that we will somehow benefit from being who they want us to be?)

Another main character in Avatar is an astutely aware woman named Neytiri. She is learning to be a shaman among the Na’vi. Free-floating gentle light beings from Eywa inspire her to save Jake from being killed in the forest. She takes him to the leaders of her people.

The Na’vi chief and shaman are intrigued that Jake is a warrior and want to learn about him. Much to Neytiri’s disdain, the elders assign her the task of teaching him their sacred ways. They hope he will shake off his insane human manner of existing.

With Neytiri’s commanding and persistent guidance, Jake learns to to be intimately connected with the wondrous plants, trees, and animals of Pandora. In his tutelage with her, he awakens something he has forgotten - his heart, who he really is. He learns to feel into and sense the life-giving love that permeates everything.

Like powerful magnets Jake and Neytiri are drawn to each other. Her eyes follow him and feel into his Beingness. As she does with her Self, she observes with the intent to help him be all of who he potentially is.

With the awakening of his feelings, Jake finds it more and more disagreeable to live inside an emotionally insensitive military-industrial mindset. In letting go of its control over him, he gradually frees himself from its grip.

(Have you not also felt the disturbing sensation of being stuck in a mindset that makes you feel like %&@#?)

As Jake slowly catches onto the Na’vi’s unusual vital way of engaging all Beings, he comes to love and respect the relentless Neytiri. He discovers that friendship involves a wondrous commitment to something much bigger than himself, a commitment to the continuance of what is wild, free, and beautiful.

In a touching scene in the movie, after they both have come to understand their deep undying feelings for each other, he looks into her and speaks, “I see you.” Smiling, she replies in kind. This is the Na’vi’s way of saying, “I perceive and honor you for who you truly are.”

In service to the Na’vi and the well-being of life on Pandora, Neytiri and Jake flow together without losing sense of their own unique Essences. Their relationship flourishes in the spirit of commitment to preserving what is precious on Pandora. Together they help Pandora once again become a planet where caring and healing are the foundations of communal living.

Now, with Saturn coursing through Libra, you might ask yourself, “Have I ever felt truly seen by another for who I really am?” Or maybe you might like to first ask your heart, “Do I really know, trust, and love the Real Me?”

Why not take these next few years to to rediscover the pristine authentic You that resides in the center of Your Beingness, something that you knew without a doubt as a child? As you become the Real You again, you will also learn to interact with others without the roles that you expected yourself to act out, just as Jake learned to do on Pandora.

It’s like Saturn is saying to us all: “Observe with kindness the way you relate with your Self and others. And notice how others interact with you. Be honest about what you see. Learn to be all of who and what you really are and offer You to the other.”

Before you is the rich opportunity to connect heart to heart with the Earth and each and every being. It’s an adventure of letting go of your facades and the fears of not fitting in. It’s your path into taking genuine interest in your Essence and in the Essence of others and your home planet.

Saturn in Libra is all about committing to giving form to reliable, harmonious, and unconditionally loving relationships that will nourish You. This is a fun commitment that has nothing to with shoulds and shouldn’ts. It is a going-beyond any condemnation of Self or other.

Much inspiration and love to you on your journey into relationships of the third and fourth kinds. May we all be able to say to each other, “I see you.”

Song to Song, Ken

*Note: This placement of Saturn in Libra is based on sidereal or star-based calculations, which reflect where the planets actually are in the sky. Unknown to many people, numerous astrologers unknowingly rely upon calculations that place the Sun, Moon, and planets 24 degrees ahead of where they are actually in the zodiac. This is because they do not either know about or account for the precession of the equinoxes, a great cycle of change in our solar system and galaxy that makes the constellation rising with the Sun on the spring equinox go back one degree every 72 years.

After working with the sidereal calculations, many students, clients, and I have found this sidereal system to be profoundly moving and accurate on extraordinary levels. When combined with a shamanic approach to astrology readings, we have discovered a vast inspiring knowledge about ourselves and others. This knowledge includes the non-linear holistic perspective from the unseen dimensions of the Spirits, Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars, which in turn, reveals exquisite insights about our personalities and purpose. We are finding that the results in using shamanic sidereal astrology are far-reaching, beyond our wildest imagination.

**Are you reading for the excitement of exploring a shamanic astrology reading or a course of study of this kind? For more information on this shamanic astrology knowledge, classes, and readings, please visit Ken’s site at

Copyrighted © 2012 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

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Allowing in The River of Love and Life


Looking into the night sky, we can see Jupiter shining brilliantly in the heart of the jewel-filled constellation of the Bull, also referred to as Taurus. The energy of this alignment speaks to opening our hearts and hands to abundance at all levels of our being. This stellar energy can surprise you with regard to what it brings forth in your life.

A couple of days ago, I awoke early as the Sun was rising in the east. In the cool morning air, magpies and ravens were making their fly-bys. In and among the cottonwood trees around the house, they chattered like excited children. Feeling a strong physical longing to be in the natural environment in which they so gloriously thrived, I rolled out of bed and wandered down to the river that flows behind the neighboring willows.

In her silvery greenness, she welcomed me with her bubbling sounds and big fresh energy field. MMMmmm. Hanging my legs over a huge rock into the endless flow of her chilly waters, my feet tingled. I closed my eyes and sent her my gratitude.

I then felt her speak to me, as if she were saying, “Ever feel into the greater wholeness of who you are in your Essence, and you will never cease to marvel, receive, and bask in the lushness of all that is.”

As Jupiter glimmers in Taurean part of the galaxy, the River Spirit continues to surge as love in motion, swirling up her medicines, bringing down the gifts from the Sky and the Beyond and singing them to the Earth, to us all. "Allow Life to flow through you," she hums.

Song to Song, Ken................. Copyright 2012 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

Venus Transits the Sun - Softness of Love


Today Venus crosses in front of the Sun. As Venus and Sun have been approaching each other in the sky, I have been hearing many stories in people’s lives about not feeling seen and loved. People are experiencing intense pain and upset and are not sure how to address the inner unsettling. This is accompanied by a great desire to make changes in themselves so that they can create relationships of exquisite mutual love and healing, where trust is engendered.

At my website,, just click on Blog Link, and you will be brought to a love story about the softness of love that is available to us. “A lovely story, brought tears to my eyes,” wrote a reader. As an astrologer who learned a star knowledge of awakening from the Spirits, I cannot more fully express what this transit means other than through a story.

Much love to you!

Missing the Magic of True Relatedness? Transiting Saturn in Your Chart


Is your relationship missing that aliveness that stirs your heart and soul? Has the “same-old same-old” crept in and taken over, putting a lid on the magic of love and mystery, spontaneous caring, and dynamic interaction?

Whether in friendship, partnership, or a new romance, we have a strong need to create relationships that forever stimulate our Beingness. When we are really connecting with someone, Essence to Essence, Song to Song, we see another for who they really are, in all their beauty, intelligence, and magnificence. We also feel seen and loved for who we really are. This sparks our excitement and imagination. Our step becomes light and buoyant. We feel real and whole again! Nice!!!!

How do we create such magic? By first acknowledging how seductive it is to slip into and maintain boring plastic relationships, blindly believing that this is “good and normal, the way things should be.” We end up hiding in such daily drudgery, thinking that this lackluster manner of engaging another is real love. This archaic perspective will get you nowhere! Not only do stale ways of relating drain our precious time and energy, such uninteresting interactions do little to expand our sense of Self and purpose. Yuck!

 Why not explore the juicy wonders that authentic intimacy and friendship offer you?

True relatedness awakens your heart, tickles your belly, and makes your skin shimmer. It all starts with seeking the Real You! Discover the feeling of your Song and all that wants to awaken in your dance with another. And don’t stop until you are enjoying your deepest desires! About the Author: Ken Robinson is a teacher and healer of the ancient knowledge of Ka Ta See. He also offers shamanic astrology readings for individuals and relationships that help to awaken you to the splendors of your Essence.

Copyrighted 2012 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.

Exquisite Love in Your Birth Chart - Are You Ready?


To love and be loved moves our hearts like nothing else. How do you find a love that is so beautiful, clear, and rich that you will never turn back from it?

Looking to your birth chart, the Sun, Moon, and planets reveal extraordinary dimensions of who you are in your Essence. They show you the amazing gifts with which you came in when you were born.

In doing chart readings with people who seek full and awesome lives, I have found that the Sky Beings bring a perspective and a level of energy and inspiration that raises the roof off of the house. They have so much love to offer to us and when we receive it, we more easily may find that love for ourselves, others, and life itself.

Such love is unconditional, and without unconditional love, we cannot know the true love that nourishes and heals our hearts. In you lives a love that is boundless and wondrous. With Venus approaching an exact conjunction with Jupiter on March 14, does it feel like it's time to live in the love and joy that is You? Why not go for it? There's nothing to lose except your fear!

Copyrighted 2012 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved. About the author: Ken apprenticed for over 15 years in an ancient shamanic tradition, Ka Ta See, during which time the Spirits came forward to show him an astrology that helps people awaken to their incredible Spirits, their own unique magnificent "Songs."

Is it Possible?


What does your Essence really feel like? What is it like to clearly see and acknowledge who you are and the beauty of your beingness without any nagging doubts? Maybe you are thinking that it is not possible to have such clarity and confidence? We are conditioned to see ourselves through the eyes of asleep people who don’t have a clue about who we really are.

This distorts our understanding of our true Selves and leads us into all kinds of confusing thoughts about our identity. When you look into the night sky, the planets and stars are always there singing to the gifts of who you are. About the author: Ken Robinson is a shamanic astrologer with an extensive background in a Peruvian shamanism called Ka Ta See, or “setting the world in balance.”

With the help of the Spirits, he offers readings that focus on the amazing gifts with which individuals are born.

Copyright 2012 by Ken Robinson.

Who are you....really? Do you feel really seen by others?


Do you know beyond a doubt who you really are? Or are you, like millions of others, finding yourself coiled up in anxiousness and uncertainty about yourself and your future. Do you know how to be your own best friend? Do you feel really seen in your relationships?

With the Sun moving into a square with Saturn and Jupiter, this is an opportune time to get right to the heart of the matter. No more dilly-dallying and putting off the challenge of true Self discovery. There is a Real You waiting to be found, loved, and lived! If you don't seek and see You, no one else will.

Copyright 2012 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

2012 - Who Do You Want To Be Now? - Inspirations from Jupiter and Mars


We have only the now. We have only the day. When we wake up tomorrow, we still have only the moment, the day. Our universe births itself every new moment. It is where the power, potency, and beauty of life lie.

When we push away from the present, we separate ourselves from the pulse of life. And we throw away our aliveness and our innate connection to all that is.

Who do you want to be now and throughout this day? How do you want to live in this second, minute, and hour? This New Year?

Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

The Gutsy Big Question!


Putting aside any pretenses and half-truths, what do you hear inside your heart of hearts when you ask yourself, "Am I happy with my life? Am I living the life that I dreamed I could live?" Get as real and honest as you can, no beating around the bush. Spill it out - is your life passing you by? Do you wake up with a great eagerness and passion for the coming day? Or are you chewing on the same old bone of ho-hum and blindly hoping for something magically to come along and make it all different?

The Moon is in Scorpio at the Solstice. She is strong, relentless, and unconditionally loving at the dawn of the growing light. Bottom line, this New Year of Light and Love is emotionally aligned with getting gutsy about who you are.

Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

Winter Solstice and Your Dance With the Stars


As Winter Solstice of 2011 approaches, the nights continue to grow longer, until the deepest night arrives on December 22. The sweet darkening sings to us to gently inward into the beautiful star-filled stillness within.

We live in a culture that has forgotten what it means to be truly Human. We tend forget to feel the heart and wholeness of who and what we are. Here lies the root of the loneliness of Spirit that plagues western society.

As very small children, we knew and lived our true identities. There was innocence and great curiosity. We played and created in the Now.

In Ka Ta See, we refer to the vibrant sensation of our own unique eternal Self as our “Song.” According to Peruvian shamans, Domano and Chea Hetaka, our Songs are as old as Creator - extraordinarily capable, and intelligent, spilling over with unconditional love.

During the timeless Solstice nights, we are invited to remember how intensely alive, potent, and safe our Songs naturally feel. We are worthy of great respect. It is time to take our place is among the stars.

Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

Stuck in Remote Control - Saturn in Virgo in the Sky


So often we humans tend to run about throughout our days stuck inside our minds. We get so consumed with thoughts that have nothing to with our aliveness or with our love for life.

Instead we become entrapped in the extra-busy machinery of routine and “head-tripping,” walking through our schedules and tasks in a stupor of asleepness. In doing so, we remain separate from our center and power, forgetful of the exquisite feeling of who we really are, and removed from the beautiful and easeful flow of life.

If you are operating in “remote control,” you are no longer allowing your true Self to experience the love that it is in and around you. You do not have to live this way. You can chose differently.

Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved. About the author: Ken offers services in Ka Ta See, including Bone Throws, teaching, counseling, and energy balancing and healing, as well as shamanic astrology.

Being the Real You in Relationships: Beautifully Refreshing, Real, and Safe


With the Sun moving through the constellation of Virgo and with Venus conjoining Saturn (western sidereal calculations), this is a great time to observe when we are making ourselves uptight or uncertain when around others. Most of us who were brought up in the power-over oriented western culture, which now spans much of the world, often carry about a big old unnerving fear about personal safety around other humans. The fear easily can get triggered in any social encounter. So often we try to pretend its not there because we think we might appear more ridiculous if we admitted it.The fear for our well-being may grab us just prior to a job interview or before a review by a supervisor. Or maybe it will create a pit in our stomach when we think that we’re “running behind schedule,” as if some almighty judge was about to look down at us with condemning eyes and punish us for being late or for not having everything done on time. While the fear in some way served us in the past, it may no longer be serving our best interests anymore. It certainly is creating stress. From a very early age, we were taught by authority figures that we must live up to a picture of who or what others think we should be. They held up expectations of how we should think, feel, and act so that we can fit into the world they think is safe and normal.

If we do not become who they believe we should be, we often were punished, humiliated, for criticized, or shunned. If we went along with their pictures, we got the praise and the smile and stamp of approval. The Sun and Saturn in our birth charts speak to being in our own driver’s seat when it comes to running our lives and interacting with others. Our Essences are our inner authorities, just as a wolf, elephant, or tiger take charge of their own daily agendas with confidence and keen awareness. They are alive, untamed, unregulated, and definitely not bored. Inside our true Selves, we know what really nourishes us. We have profound inner guidance to rely upon.

Our Spirits are brimming over with unconditional love and kindness. We each have a purpose and we come alive when being purposeful in ways that are keeping with who we really are. By turning within and checking in with our hearts, senses, and unique intelligence, we readily choose how to respond to life and others from a place of honesty, which is so beautifully refreshing and real. No pretenses. This is our birthright and it makes us feel authentic and safe in relationship.

Copyrighted 2011 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved. To further awaken your awareness about your path and gifts, contact Ken for a shamanic astrology reading or a Ka Ta See Bone Throw, a profound and delicate ancient divination Ceremony of Calling The Spirits. He can be reached at

World without Judgement and Hierarchy


Imagine a world without judgement. No fears of being criticized, blamed, ostracized, or damned. No better thans or less thans. No killing of inspiration and tenderness. No one being more or less significant than another. A world of unconditional love.

Everything and everyone considered as equals. Endless appreciation of the uniqueness and wondrousness in each life form. There would be no taking, but instead continuos giving and receiving. This is living from the heart, a balance within and with each other. This is the world of the indigenous people of Peru who lived and protected the ancient shamanic knowledge of Ka Ta See.

They are a thriving people who have kept clear of the ways of judgment. Instead they live the sacred ways of total acceptance. These ways breed a freedom that invite each tribal member to be all of who she or he is and to explore life without the worries of being rejected or oppressed. As Uranus squares Pluto in the Sky, we are called to identify and easefully release any forms of condemning and criticizing whether it be judging ourselves, situations, or others.

When you catch a judgement arise in your thoughts or feelings, thank it for showing you that it was there and let it go it into the Earth. She will take it and recycle it into something that helps life along. Stay with the process and allow all the damning to leave you and your body. As it leaves allow yourself to fill up with the breath and lightness of your Song, your Spirit's signature of aliveness, and enjoy the wonder of experiencing fresh perspectives.

Copyrighted 2011 by Ken Robinson. Ken provides services in Ka Ta See, including Bone Throws, Counseling, Teaching, and Energy Healings. He also provides shamanic astrology readings. For more information, please contact him at Sessions are $90/hr. Please inquire if you need a sliding fee scale, which I am happy to offer in the range of $40 to the regular hourly rate.

Prayer - A Two Way Communication


Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to explore the feeling and content of your prayers. It is a time to turn inward to observe the power of your thoughts and feelings and how they are the basis for manifesting your present realities. Your thoughts and feelings are essentially your conversations with the Great Mystery, with Life Itself.

What you think, image, and feel into is what the universe understands as your intent to create, and it responds accordingly, with great precision. Life will help you build whatever you are focusing upon because it listens to your inner world. As Mercury moves toward a powerful angular relationship with Neptune, relax into your heart and let yourself dream what it is that your Essence, your Song, really wants to create.

And then reach out to the Source or Creator or however you prefer to call the Presence that Permeates all things, and talk informally, intimately, and with genuineness with this Presence. This opens the doorway of communication that moves beyond words and worlds.

This communication is two way, so listen and feel and allow there to be a flow between you two. When your prayers come from the heart, they bring love, healing, perspective, and gratitude. The prayers shift something in You and Life notices. Allow things to unfold and learn to trust the process.

Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

From Shoulds to Heartfelt Desires


"Identify, honor, and drop the 'shoulds,' and instead, acknowledge your deeper desires and engage in them. Your personal heartfelt desires are your doorways to your joy and they reflect your true Essence.They are the substance of how your Self guides you. They lead to abundance in all aspects of your life." This is one of the key messages that I hear in the Planetary Sky at this time. Humanity has long been indoctrinated to live a life of shoulds. I should do this. I should do that. Should, should, should. Try catching how many times and ways you find yourself silently thinking a should.

Have fun with the introspection. No need to get heavy about it. Shoulds are yokes of oppression that are rooted in millennium-old ways of thinking. We tend to believe that shoulds are keeping us safe and making us 'good' people. In reality, the shoulds weigh us down, adding unbearable heaviness upon our shoulders and hearts. Shoulds are the basis for anxiety, because if we do not live up to them, we believe and fear that something 'bad' will happen.

So, gently and with lots of unconditional love, let the shoulds know that they do not need to protect you any longer. Let them drift off your back. If they really want to stay, give them a new job description where they can help you identify, embrace, and live the desires that make your heart sing and expand.

It's your life! Your astrology chart reveals passions and desires with which you have come into the world. It would be a pleasure to offer you a reading that helps you see the gifts of who you are. Let me know if you read this article on Shaman Portal and you will receive a 10% discount.

Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

Transforming Your Life into Who Your Heart Knows You to Be


The Sun, a symbol of our Unique Wondrous Eternal Spirits, is moving into a position in the zodiac where it makes a great geometric square-like shape in the Sky with Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus. It is a Diamond Floating in the Above, a time for personal and collective realization and shifting. What does this signal and mean? Just as I was pondering what to write in this forecast, an elegant black and yellow Butterfly floated in through the open front door of my home here in Santa Fe.

It fluttered about and settled on a window high above my reach in the kitchen.

In response to its gentle and unexpected entry, my first thoughts were concerned with how I may tenderly help it on its way back out the door again, back into the garden of life-giving flowers where it could dance in the light of the Sun and feast among the nectars of the plants. As I quietly watched, it slowly opened and closed its delicate wings, and a feeling came to heart - it had come with a purpose.

As I tuned in further to its presence, I understood that it had journeyed into the casita in order to speak about this time in Humanity's transformation. Spirits and Nature Beings convey information intelligently through non-linear and symbolic means. They emanate this knowledge from their own Essences through an internal radar-like broadcast of subtle energy. We can pick up the extrasensory communication with our own internal subtle or Spirit senses, which translate the information into something understandable to us.

This is the old ancient way of interacting intimately with these amazing beings of Nature and the unseen worlds. We did this as young children, but we often forget that we did. The Butterfly talks of our personal transformation, where we no longer need to constrict ourselves in our old suffocating cocoons of habit. In the wake of the summer solstice, we are being reminded to identify with who we really are as beautiful and gentle Beings who can flourish on the Earth together. The Butterfly speaks to releasing false beliefs, fears, pains, and habits that make us squelch our fun, joy, and inner guidance. This is a rich and enlightening movement into the wholeness of our Spirits, learning how to embody them just as the Butterfly freely embodies and shares its Essence.

The personal transformation feeds our well-being because we are aligning ourselves with who our hearts know us to really be. Our emotions and physical bodies like this and in turn, we feel stronger and clearer! As the Sun and planets make their Diamond in the Above, Butterfly brings the message home: "It is safe and beautiful to feel and be the Genuine You."

Copyrighted in 2011 by Ken Robinson. For more a Shamanic Astrology Reading or Calling of the Spirits Ceremony (a profound and ancient form of Bone Throwing) contact Ken at

Allowing Our Selves to Awaken - A Tool for Living in Easeful Aliveness


The Earth and Solar System are in active state of change. They are moving into the ecliptic of the Milky Way, where energy fields are magnetic and strong. Entry into these fields effect us as individuals, prompting us to shift, too. There is no stopping this momentum. It is a calling us to awaken, to no longer "live" asleep to our true identities. All the old ways we did things will work less and less effectively. All the facades we have been wearing will no longer feel so comfortable and fit so well over our faces. This is an exciting time to learn how to find who we really are, to know and claim the vibrant feeling sensation of our Essences, to embody our truth, and shed the old limiting skins of resistance. Neptune is a planet that speaks to unconditional acceptance, which is an innate dimension of our natural state of beingness. In accepting where we are in our lives and in our search for the true Self, we make the journey a smoother one. We free our our minds and emotions so that we may grasp deeper more nourishing realities. Allowing ourselves to discover what our true Self feels like, what gifts and abilities we have, and what we really want brings a delightful easefulness to the walk. Allowing our Selves to awaken in our own unique ways and pace becomes a tool to dance and see clearly from the heart. Copyright 2011 by Ken Robinson. About the author: Ken is a shamanic astrologer who also provides services as a teacher, seer, and healer in the Peruvian shamanic tradition of Ka Ta See.

Romantic Relationships - Finding the Dance of Love


How many love relationships have you witnessed that thrive in ease, delight, and joy? Way to few, eh! It's not just a fantasy to want to to live in that in-love feeling all of the time, it's just often approached unrealistically. Saturn being strong in its stand-out position in the sky, this is a good time to get real with ourselves about what we bring to the dance of love. Across from Saturn in the zodiac, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are clustered together. Jupiter and Mercury are sandwiched in between the male and female planets of Mars and Venus. They are the planets of knowledge and communication and are the clues to creating a nice dance in relationship, whatever gender preferences you have. When it comes to our connections with others, the Spirits say that we need to be intimate friends with our Selves first and this sets the solid ground for being friends with another. Romance goes nowhere but into a dark hole when we are do not know and like ourselves from top to bottom. True love and lovemaking is a top to the bottom kind of thing. Every cell in our body wants to talk to us about who we are. In Ka Ta See, we come to know our true identity by the unique vibratory feeling sensation of our aliveness. This wondrous feeling is who we really are, and by our very own natures, with no exceptions, we are content, kind, curious, sensual, and eager. Our bodies thrive in this sensation. This knowledge and encouragement from the Spirits might stir your passion to become totally aware and accepting of your Real Self. You can't lose with the Real You. It's just too much fun! With Self in tact, then the touching of another comes into play. What a dynamo you are then! In your exquisite wholeness, without fear chasing your back, you avoid the holes and pitfalls of most relationships which tend to spiral down due to nagging criticisms, letdowns, and big tensions. If stress is a problem, try visiting my other blog at for some more inspiration. Do yourself a big favor, because you deserve it - enjoy You. Find the childhood kid you left behind, who knew how to play for hours on end. And dance your way into the romance of life. Love in relationships are sure to follow! A year ago the unexpected happened. I couldn't sleep. The days without any rest started adding up; more than I could believe possible. My legs had begun to swell and eventually they took on the shapes of tree trunks. I no longer had the strength to get to the woodshed or put a log into the wood stove. I needed help. My ex-wife came by to check in on me. She took me to see her doctor, who sent me off to the hospital. Walking into the emergency room was my last resort. I had no insurance. Once I signed the papers, it was a walk into mayhem. My pulse and blood pressure were checked. X-rays were taken. Blood was drawn and tested. Doctors told me that my heart was beating twice its normal rhythm, but they didn't know what was causing the problem. Nurses hooked me up to an IV and wired me to a heart monitor. It was all so technical and impersonal. I was crying behind my tired exterior. I wanted someone to take notice of my feelings, to put on hand on my heart and shoulder, to be with All of Me, not just my symptoms. In the pandemonium, I struggled to keep my center. Intense fear was trying to take me over. "Am I going to die?" - I couldn't hide from the question, waves of despair washing over me. I was grateful for my ex-wife, who was keeping me company through the ordeal; and the voice of a close friend and healer, with whom I briefly talked on the phone, was most comforting. The doctors finally disclosed that they couldn't help me and they sent for a helicopter to transport me up to a regional hospital immediately. Flying off into an uncertain future, I wondered where my destiny was taking me. I had been a long-time student and teacher of the ancient knowledge of Ka Ta See, which means "living in balance from the heart;" and here I was, ironically, having heart problems. I was between worlds. In the sky even farther above me, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius were also in transit, moving into an auspicious position in the zodiac, exactly opposite from where Pluto is located in my birth chart - in the sign of Leo, the sign of the heart. My astrology chart was hanging on my refrigerator door at home, but I never thought that I would be heading into this madness. After checking in and signing the release forms at the well-known regional hospital, I was given pharmaceuticals to decrease my fluid retention. I urinated seventeen pounds of extra weight that night! The next day doctors suggested that I try a cardioversion treatment, in which a measured electrical shock would be directed to my heart to reset its pulse. The procedure sounded cold and technological, but I wanted a quick cure, and so I decided to go for it. After I had done a private ceremony to prepare myself, the medical team did the procedure, and my heart was beating regularly! However, the effect was short-lived. It lasted for only 10 days and I was back into the ER and hospital all over again. After more tests and observation, my diagnosis was changed to "a-flutter." Doctors believed that there was misfiring nerve tissue in my heart and it was triggering it to go into a doubled pace. They prescribed an ablation, in which the disruptive tissue would be burnt out with a high frequency radio wave transmitter navigated into the heart by a highly trained MD, an electrophysiologist. I was reluctant, concerned that it might as ineffective as the cardioversion; but I also wanted to do what I could to live with a heart that beats strong and steady. I consulted with friends about whether to proceed. Everyone agreed that it seemed to be the most sensible thing to do. But it too would turn out to be insufficient. After twelve days the heart was going in and out of rhythm. During the next five months, I was on low doses of pharmaceuticals to steady the heart, but they weren't doing the trick. I didn't like the idea of taking them either. Finally, I returned to the hospital for another cardioversion and a second ablation. The Spirits were now referring to the procedures as "ceremonies," because, in response to my asking for their help, they had been and would always be present. Many entities, including Beings from the Stars, came to assist me and the medical team during all of the treatments. I was so glad to feel their presence, particularly when I was lying on the operation table, preparing to "go under." Each time I awoke from the anesthesia after the procedures, I emerged out of beautiful golden "places," where the entities had taken and protected me. Sensing so much ease and caring in these safe and unseen realms, it was entirely OK with me if I did not return to my physical body. But somehow I lived! When lying in the recovery room after the last ablation, which cleared up the rest of the misfiring heart tissue, I opened my eyes and saw the Spirits hovering over me, staying close beside me, healing me. So very tangible and reliable they were! I burst into tears when feeling their relentless love and loyalty. They were always there, even when I was too scared to realize it. My journey into the total healing of my heart continues to this day. A second factor behind my irregular heartbeats were heavy metal toxins and other poisons that distort the functioning of my thyroid, nerves, cardiac tissue, and in the endocrine system. To address this issue, I am still on a unique detox protocol. Another major underlying cause behind my cardiac unrest was old unconscious fear and pain. My suppressed and buried emotions of hurt, guilt, and shame needed to get my attention and did so through the mis-beating of my heart. This heartache could no longer be overlooked and so I have sat and listened peacefully to my old pains. I have needed to revisit times when I felt hurt or when I hurt others and bring forgiveness to self and other. Since my first trip into the emergency room, my walk with Ka Ta See has taken me to a deeper level of genuineness, unconditional love, and appreciation. Wondering whether I was going to live or die, I came to value community very deeply. My family, children, and many friends, healers, and medical and financial personnel reached out to me when I was in the hospital and in recovery. Their presence helped me stay on the planet and find a way back to vibrant health. High up In the sky now, Neptune and Chiron continue to dance together, and they are being joined by Venus - a fitting time to bring spiritual healing to our selves and others, including our home planet and all lifeforms. It is a cosmic dance of the heart. (Copyrighted by Ken Robinson 2011)

Search for Your Center, Your Song, and Stand Your Ground Like an Oak Tree. It's Real!


Up in the sky above us, Saturn is a stand out. It is transiting on one side of the zodiac while almost all of the other planets are transiting on the other side. It's time for you to take your stand, to search for the solid ground inside your heart and body and become centered like a great old gentle oak tree. To do this means turning your attention to your Song - the easeful and unique feeling that resonates inside your core. Open your arms to embrace life and let the soothing winds bring you the gifts and people they want to bring to your path. Find your deep roots in your own authority, as the decision maker of your life, in all aspects of your journey on the planet. No excuses. No blaming. No harsh self-judgments. No looking to others to have the answers for you. Go for it now! Why wait to let life pass you by? The clock is ticking. What are you waiting for? The genie in a bottle to appear? Whatever mess you are experiencing has a purpose, even if it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. It's not an accident that you are in what your are in. When you hang on to the old, the old keeps getting heavier and it teaches you in this way, helps you let go so that you can see the new possibilities. What a nice opportunity! It might help to talk to some friends or practitioners about the situations and the feelings your are having. Listen to their sense of things, but let go of the temptation to give the power away to them. Being grateful for their help is balancing, but claim the awakening in your Self. Being real brings everything in your world into vivid clarity because the illusions disperse when you do so. Then the magic happens because you choose life over pretense. You are the powerful genie you are waiting for! (Copyrighted 2011 by Ken Robinson. All rights reserved.)

The Unexpected Turn of Events with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius


With Neptune and Chiron gathered in the constellation of the Water-Bearer, allow for the unexpected to come forward with regard to your spirituality and health. There are things going on in and around us of which we simply are not aware until they happen, and that is OK. Total acceptance and unconditional love brings peace and well-being at these times. The stillness of our Songs, our Essences, allows us to perceive our paths through the thickest of unknowns and uncertainties, so that we may find our way. The heart of community and humanity, what is so beautiful about people and life, will assist you in ways that may surprise you, so that you may once again come to trust the nourishment that life and web of all beings naturally offer with open hands, even at moments when we think that nothing in the world could help us. Just around the corner of our awareness is hidden assistance and a love of great power and depth.

Dance your Way into New Beginnings!


With the New Moon on Tuesday the 15th, its time to dance your way into some new adventure. Risk to identify what your heart really wants. The New Moon invites us to feel fresh rhythms of our Spirit's feelings ripple into embodiment. This can lead us trying a fresh approach to a matter at hand. The three days of the New Moon (the day before, the day of, and the day after) the new moon create a Moon Vessel for your wants. When you identify what you really desire, put it into the symbolic Moon Vessel and allow the desire to become a reality in the month to come. Feed it a little each day with the love of your attention by dreaming of the details of your deep desire.

The Intelligence of our Hearts


This week the Spirits want to address the quest for personal transformation. They say that a key to our becoming who we really are as individuals and as a people, has to do with what we came into this life. When we were born, we carried in our hearts a profound intelligence, which allows us to perceive and live our purpose and our gifts, a special knowledge that was unique to each of us. Most of us forget this essential part of ourselves as we become indoctrinated into the numbing and dulling ways of our modern society. The innate intelligence remains dormant until we awaken to our hearts and follow our inner inspiration to discover it again. Seeking begins with looking and wondering. As we give energy to the looking, the universe responds to help us find what we seek. With seven planets stationed within about one-twelfth of the sky right now, there is a strong focused pulse of energy that invites a shake-up of how we hide our heart's intelligence. Uranus is the lead planet in this line-up, the Great Awakener of the Heart's Eyes. Now, like a time-release capsule, the beautiful and fun-loving contents of our own hearts are seeking our attention so that we can see and fulfill our wondrous destinies.

For the Week Following February 20: Human Potential and Stillness


The Spirit World is very real. It is not a fantasy kingdom nor a figment of our imagination. There is a feeling and a signature to the Spirit World that is uniquely different than something we might make up in our heads. The Spirit World is a wondrous powerful realm to which the ancient peoples of Ka Ta See turned without hesitation for guidance. These peoples offered their gifts of love and gratitude to the unseen beings with whom they lived in harmonious communion. Ignoring the realm today is ignoring entities who provide unlimited unconditional love and amazing assistance - things of true substance that have a healing and aligning impact in our everyday lives. In this column, the Spirits offer a perspective as a kind of Astrological Council, a fitting symbol for Neptune's present position in the constellation of the Water Bearer, often referred to as Aquarius, the sign of friendship. The Spirits want to share the following for the week: "Individual and collective human potential are extraordinary. It is not appropriate any longer for us to underestimate ourselves. To tap into our potential, we must first receive ourselves and our gifts with open arms, releasing all addictive tendencies that limit our perceptions of who we are and what we can do as a species. A key to clear perception is being STILL - quieting our inner chatter, distractions, and dramas so that our gifts of seeing can be recognized and utilized. In observing ourselves and life without judgments and blind beliefs, we see truth without distortions. They eyes of our hearts, full of feeling and extensive accuracy, naturally see the riches of human potential so that we may weave these riches into manifestation here on the Earth. Our hearts are clear in our exquisite stillness and hold the doors open for a new paradigm of world healing."

Valentine's Week and the Power of Love


Valentine's Day is a time that our western culture has chosen to highlight romance. In astrological circles, romance is often associated with Venus. It so happens that the "love planet" dances in close proximity with the Moon and Jupiter on February 14. There is a a feeling-based knowledge to discover here, where our feelings become the eyes of our hearts so that we can see-feel the truth and wonders of authentic relatedness. Here is what the Spirits want to reveal about the great matter of love: "Real Love has the power to ever awaken. Like a thunderstorm, it shakes us out of our asleepness, dullness, and old patterns. Love offers us the opportunity to discover the truth of our Self and Another. Being in love stimulates the feeling signature of our own individual aliveness, bringing thunderous delights and downpours of pleasures." The Spirits go on to share a few guidelines about helping romance grow: "Let go of the tendency to grip tightly onto a relationship or onto fears about them. Give the relationship room to find its own way. Love is part of our individual power. It gives us balance with another. It is something that inspires giving and receiving without keeping count or knowing how things will turn out. Love is a continual exchange of gifts, not an imprisonment of them." The Spirits say that a key to attracting and finding love is to "feel our personal lovableness. Our dog and cat friends do this instinctively. They attract love and caresses by simply being who and what they are." To close, the Spirits suggested that we "engage in and enjoy the personal changes that come with love. Love brings us out of ourselves so that we may be creative. Love likewise inspires us to look courageously at what we have created with another with our thoughts, feelings, and actions. What we see as beneficial, we continue. What we see as detrimental, we end. Transformation is a natural outcome of movement into undisturbed relatedness. In reaching in and out with the love feeling, the dance never ends. It becomes pure hopping around and playing."

February 7 - 13: Shifting with the Solar System


The Spirits again point to Saturn as the planet to address in our astrology charts this week. Saturn speaks to the way we structure our precious time on the Earth so that we may experience all the richness of each moment. The Spirits suggest that we observe with keen interest and stillness the way we presently structure our hours, days, weeks, and months, seeing the structure for what it really offers or does not offer us, without judgment or criticism. Then ask yourself, is it what you want? Does this structure serve your well-being and the well-being of others? There are other-dimensional beings who live in our universe who have a keen interest in us, as if we were family, and they want to assist us in creating a beautiful existence on our planet. These benevolent beings have access to knowledge and heightened energy fields in the Milky Way Galaxy, into whose ecliptic our Solar System is now moving. The shift requires us to shift with the Solar System into new structures and schedules of living. These beings are here to guide us. They have important perspectives and gifts to share. Welcoming and identifying them is a personal experience. They may feel simply like a presence of love in a moment of stillness. Time can seem different with them, like spending an easeful afternoon in the Sun and wondering where the day went. Receiving with centered love all of their help and guidance is key to creating a new paradigm in our world, where we live with respectfulness and authentic relatedness with all life and beings.

January 31 - February 6: Your Genius Dimension


This week the Spirits want to point us towards Chiron and Saturn, two travelers in the sky that help create timely opportunities for healing in our personal lives. Sometimes these moments or periods of time can seem like crises, when it looks like things are falling apart. These crises are the indication that we are being called to reclaim our wholeness, where we are balanced and experiencing well-being at all levels. The Spirits say that in each one of us is a "genius dimension," something that is extraordinary and unique. It is a kind of special intelligence that is ours alone. It is a key to our wholeness, as it creates a coherence in our beingness, a feeling that everything is alright and together. The Spirits also say that we discover our genius by noticing what we really love, what we are curious about, and what we have a passion for. In seeking, finding, and understanding our unusual gift, we enter a process of claiming and trusting our virility, our ability to find and feel our potency in all that we do. Our virility is something we sense both in our spirits and bodies. It is as powerful as the aroma of wild elk in a forest or the rumble of thunder on the land. There are no pretenses to our genius, no airs of arrogance or insignificance. It is what it is - truly incredible.(Copyrighted 2010 by Ken Robinson)

For the Week of January 24 - 30: Orchestrate Our Passions


The Spirits point to Mars this week as a focal point. They say that we can put an end to warring in the world by creating harmony in our inner worlds. We do this by identifying and feeling the passions of our hearts without trying to hide from them. Then by orchestrating these passions into our everyday life, we create individual life-enhancing symphonic fields, which will touch and harmonize with other beings' fields. By asking for Mother Earth's assistance, the symphony of music we make together is amplified. Aligned with her, the music of our passions turns up the volume of inspiration behind humanity's awakening. What a great week to dance!

Forecast for January 17 to 23: Healing Ourselves, Other Beings, and the Earth


When asking the Spirits about what they'd like to share with you this week, they pointed to Chiron in the Sky, the asteroid in astrology that concerns healing. They say that we humans need to heal ourselves first so that we are whole and capable. Then we need to bring healing to all people, like those in Haiti. Lands, oceans, trees, animals and all other beings of the natural world need healing, as does the Earth. So many toxins are in the air and waters and soils. Lots of healing is needed all around. The Spirits went on to say that we need to communicate more clearly and kindly as humans, both when we initiate and respond in our interactions. They said that too often we react in fear and panic, that we cover up our excitement, like throwing a heavy lid of dread over our buckets of joy and love. To bring healing, we need to explore alternative forms of knowledge like sacred sound and geometry. The sounds and vibrations we make in our minds and conversations make a difference to the quality of life in the world. When we think and feel love, it ripples out in geometric patterns of beauty and touches everyone and everything, inspiring growth, rejuvenation, and true community. It heals us first and extends to all people, plants, and animals. Everybody benefits. The Spirits conclude that humanity's well-being is of utmost importance. Living in close harmony with the Earth goes hand-in-hand with taking care of ourselves and all beings.

Forecast for January 10 - 16: True Knowingness - Jupiter and the Solar Eclipse


Jupiter moves through the night sky in the constellation of the Water-Bearer, commonly referred to as Aquarius. Here Jupiter invites us to shake-up our mind-cages, so that we can free our spirit-mind-feeling-bodies. It is simply too easy for us in our culture of self-promotional advertising, rhetoric, and propaganda to get caught up in what someone else believes or wants to believe. From the perspective of Katasee, the ancient Peruvian knowledge of "living in balance from the heart," no one 'out there' can possibly have your truth. We know something to be true when we fully have experienced it first-hand while we are in our Songs, our true and vibrant unique essences. When we feel and understand something in our own hearts and bones and muscles, we have true knowingness. We know it on all levels of our beingness. On Friday the 15th, there will be Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. The Moon will move in front of the Sun. Venus will be there with them. While there are many interpretations made about such eclipses, this can be an opportunity for you to direct the attention of your Song to the event and allow yourself to perceive the energies clearly; and what they mean to you. Direct knowledge. Do not limit how you perceive the energies, as everyone's perceptions and symbologies are different. Allow your Song to inform you. Don't worry about being exact in your timing to reach to out the event. Do it when it works for you sometime that day. Enjoy!

Forecast for the New year 2010: Questing for Your Totality


Happy New Year and what a wonderful year it is to seek the totality of who you are. You are much more than you think you are, much more than healthy-and-broken-parts-somehow-put-together. To be whole means bringing all dimensions and aspects of your unique identity into a content and coherent feeling sense of Self. The vibrant awareness of You was your natural state as a young child, when you lived in your joy and boundless curiosity, riding the wave of one captivating experience into the next. With Mars retrograde and dancing opposite Chiron, take the time to remember the Real Feeling Self that lies engulfed inside your masked and tired "adult" exteriors. Bring back the excitement of living simply in each moment and being Real. Being You initiates the creation of inner wholeness and balance and aligns you with the life energy that is surging from all around us as we enter the Era of the Heart.

Weekly Forecast for Dec 27 - Jan 2: What is Power?


"What is power?" asked my teacher during my early years of apprenticing with her. Kay Cordell Whitaker, author of "The Reluctant Shaman." was teaching me Katasee, the ancient shamanic knowledge of "living in balance from the heart." She looked right into me as she delivered the question, with that piercing look in her eyes that told me to make sure that I was understanding without a doubt what she was asking. "Attention!" I blurted out, surprised at my own quick response, which seemed to come from deep within my body rather than the lips of my mind. "Exactly," she nodded and continued, "Real power is wrapped up in our attention. Wherever we put it, that is where the energy goes. Remember this." The forecast for this week calls us to pay attention to our attention - how we relate to it, what we do with it, what it feels like. It is with our attention that we make things happen or not happen. Saturn is squaring the Venus-Pluto conjunction in the sky and this is no small potatoes. This is a meaty transit that calls you to get real about your power. Are you owning it or giving it away? Are you personally awakening or are you letting common distractions, paralyzing fears, and old hurts keep you from trying? Are you discovering your gifts each day or are you caught up in comparing yourself to others? Or are you waiting for 2012 or for some "right time" or "better transit?" With this Saturn-Pluto transit, time is everything, so why wait to own your power? You are totally equipped to wake up and collect all of your attention so that you may do amazing things. When you risk, then your passion ignites and runs like a river into your awareness. What a blast that is! And just in time for getting a fresh start to a New Year.

Forecast for December 20 to 26: One of the Secrets to Our Happiness


The Earth is of central importance in shamanic astrology. One of the secrets to our happiness is living in intimate harmony with our precious home planet. Being so much wiser and more powerful than us, Mother Earth always provides us with a vast array of energies and perspectives that heal and guide us. Without a personal connection to her, we cannot be whole and content. She helps us align with what it means to be fully alive. Our hearts link us directly with her heart, and it is with the clear feelings of our Songs, our Spirit's unique vibrations, that we will feel and understand her guidance. When we are ever falling in love with the Earth, our happiness naturally fills us, such that we want to play and sing like birds in a tree. We let our joy shine without reservation, and such freedom opens the doors to our hearts for authentic giving, for touching others with our beauty and spontaneity. Simply by taking a walk in her forests, sitting by her waters, or watching her snow falls, the Earth calms and rejuvenates us. In our joy and easefulness, life flows through us, such that we can actually feel our true potent Selves again. In this seasonal time of solstice and holiday celebrations, may you discover new depths to your power and love and more fluidly manifest what it is that your Song really wants.

Weekly Forecast for December 13 - 19: Waking Up Requries Uplugging Our Masks


Do any of the following sound familiar: "In-a-Hurry," "Pissed Off," "Money Worries," "Not Good Enough", or "Doomsday is Coming?" These are some typical kinds of trips we run repetitively through our minds, feelings, and bodies. We often are not aware of the extent of just how often we are consumed by such inner jabber and emotional roller-coasting. Where does it all come from? In Ka Ta See, waking up is a dynamic process in which we free ourselves of these addictive robotic patterns of thinking and feeling. In this ancient Peruvian tradition, we use the word "Masks" to describe the trips and false identities that we unknowingly have taken on from our western power-over culture. Our Masks are what keep us asleep. They seduce us into a stupor where we forget our real purpose and power. In wearing our Masks tightly to our faces, we cannot know who we really are or share the real us. They do everything they can to keep us from living in peace and harmony. Until we tenaciously look at our Masks and unplug from them, they will continue to have power-over our minds and feelings. We will be their puppets and they will be our puppeteers, making us think their addictive thoughts and feeling their reactive feelings, taking us in whatever direction they are addicted to. "Waking up" means waking up out of the slumber and taking care of our well-being. Unplugging our Masks in an essential part of the process. Humanity will not change direction until we unplug. Neptune's present conjunction with Jupiter reveals the deceiving influences of our Masks' programming. As we discover each and everyone of our trips and each of our Masks are found out, they no longer have the power to deceive and control us. Instead, we free our awareness for creating a beautiful and alive way of living. Living in our joy, ease, and clarity, free of Masks, is Ka Ta See.

Forecast from December 6 to 12: Look Up into the Night


The long nights of winter bring amazing starry skies to the peoples of the northern hemisphere, where thousands of shimmering inspirations sing out from pure spaciousness. Looking into the darkness in the east after sunset, one can see the Great Bull rising, often identified by its brilliant red star 'Aldebaran." Just north and west of Aldebaran are the Pleiades, a bluish star cluster of stars that looks like a little version of the big dipper. Seven of its star can often be seen my the naked eye, while there are actually hundreds of stars dancing all around them. The Pleiades have been honored by different ancient cultures, such as the Hawaiian and Lakota, as the origin of their people. The knowledge of Katasee is known to have come from a parent race there as well. In this time when the Earth and her beings are calling for healing and for an awakened people, we can go outside and look into the Pleiades and remember just how unique and capable a species we are. Allowing ourselves to become as still as the night, we can hear the guidance in the silence. According to the elders of Katasee, we are all wondrous pieces of Creator and therefore as old as Creator. Now what do we want to create together? It begins with dreaming with the stars.

Forecast for the Week of Nov 29 to Dec 5: Bees and the Power of Vibration


Vibration is the basis for life. Everything alive vibrates and if we pay attention to a living being, we can sense its wondrous vibratory signature. The stars and planets vibrate as well, and through their resonant frequencies, they communicate to us, in both 3-D and non-linear fashions. This week the large asteroid, Ceres, makes an equal-sided triangle with Uranus and the South Node. This configuration in the sky above speaks to the potential harmony and nourishment we can find in vibrational experience here on the Earth. The Bee Nation knows a great deal about this realm of resonance and are in fact dependent on it for their livelihood. Each bee makes its own coherent hum, happily making its way to different flowers to pollinate our gardens, forests, and farms. Making different vibrations with their wings, they communicate with each other and their colonies in clear and distinct ways, which keeps them all interacting cooperatively to achieve their purposes. Our flowers bloom because the bees do what they naturally do - pay attention to vibration. Through their sensory apparatus, Bees continuously tune into the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, using the resonant energy frequencies to navigate to and from their hives. These vast fields generated by our planet have long existed and are the basis for maintaining a healthy state of being for the bees as well as for all beings, us included. With the recent introduction of big profit or defense oriented technologies that disrupt the Earth's natural fields, such as cell phones and towers or military-operated devices like HAARP (which is fueled with billions of watts of electrical energy), strong frequency transmissions are sent constantly out into the atmosphere in and around us, causing a wide array of problems for our plant and animal friends, and for humans. One of these problems is the weakening of the immune systems of all life forms. Becoming aware of field and frequency disturbances in our world is the responsibility of all of us, so that we can create a vibrationally healthy and alive world for all beings, now and far into the future. The Bees will tell us more about the gifts of natural living as we listen closely to their vibes. They will teach us how to hum in our beauty!

Forecast for the Week of November 22-28: Bringing Peace and Ease to a Thanksgiving Holiday


During early American colonial times, when armies and colonists were pushing and warring their way feverishly to lay claim to the rich lush land long inhabited and treasured by native tribes, Pierre Baird, a Jesuit missionary who lived in this historic period, noticed something unusual about the indigenous people he encountered. In his writings he reveals their leisurely way of experiencing life: "for their days are all nothing but pastime. They are never in a hurry. Quite different from us, who can never do anything without hurry and worry; worry, I say, because our desire tyrannizes over us and banishes peace from our actions." How many of us today would jump at living continuously in such a relaxed manner as the ancestors of this country lived, in sync and in harmony with the land and seasons, feeling like life itself naturally overflows with abundance! In our culture, we instead try to rely on two-week vacations, weekends, sugar, or mind-altering substances to "unwind," or "get away." Things apparently have not changed since colonial times, our western world still remaining snared in the disharmonious rush-and-fret mode. This week is a fitting time to change history and purposefully let your tendency to hurry and worry die away with the falling leaves of autumn. Thanksgiving comes at a time in the solar cycle when the Sun actually lies in the constellation of the Scorpion. Here portrayed in the stars of the sky is an amazing creature that has the ability to shed or molt its thick skin, a fine symbol for reminding us to shed what we have taken on from the dysfunctional colonial past and once again become a people of the land, in balance and in gratitude for beauty of our planet and all beings.

Forecast by Ken for the Week of November 15 to 22: Awakening Song


The energy behind making personal and collective shifts in our world grows stronger and more intense. This occurs as our solar system moves closer into the Milky Way's ecliptic. With this shift so does humanity's resistance to awakening to our aliveness and potency become more apparent. These resistances show themselves in myriads of ways, including tension, heaviness, panic, emotional dramas, and lashing out at Self and others. It doesn't have to be a rough ride to shift with the galaxy and solar system, but for millennium humanity has grown strangely accustomed to hardship, so much so that we tend not to be aware of the extent of it. From the quiet reaches of the sky, there whispers a guidance of a different kind, so that we may consciously move into rhythms of ease and grace to make the shift gentle and wondrous. Looking upward this week, you can see the waning Moon dance up close to Venus in the constellation of The Balances, often referred to as Libra. The conjunction is a sweet gathering of light and energies that are all about being related to the feelings of our Essences, or "Songs," as they are called in Katasee, the ancient knowledge of awakening to who we really are. When we resist the flow of life in the galaxy we remove ourselves from our abilities to chose a flow of rich and diverse feelings that will nourish us and give us a sense of balance in each moment. Balance is key now. And with Neptune and Chiron also conjoined in the sky, there is a lot of stellar inspiration to pursue healing at all levels of our being. Addictions to using substances or material "goods" to try to soften hardship will be pointed out to us when we are willing to look at them without judgment. Freedom from hardship, addiction,and judgment is the way of Katasee, or "living in balance from the heart." Dancing with the Moon is shifting with the Earth and the Sun.

Forecast for the Week of November 8 - 14: Inner Stirrings


Among the backdrop of an endless sky, Mars glows now in the soft light of the Crab constellation and calls for a purposeful stirring of our individual passion to pursue what our Songs, our Spirits, really desire. Remaining dormant inside our familiar shells is not working with the energies and ways of the Crab. When we become complacent, we become "crabby" because habitual deadness weighs down our natural flow of energy and movement, making us moody and sour. The Crab is too alive to remain stuck in inertia. Instead it risks leaving its burrow in the sand, goes after what it wants, and then protects what it holds precious, tenaciously standing its ground. If necessary it calmly will station itself with claws raised up before it, never relinquishing what is essential to its peace and well-being. "Surrender" is not and never will be part of its vocabulary. Like the Crab, we are not designed to give up or sacrifice our Song's passions but instead to pursue and embrace them relentlessly and with a vigor that makes our inner world and blood perk with happiness.

Weekly Forecast for the Week of November 1 - 6: Food as Medicine


"What we put into or upon our bodies needs to be medicine!" These were the words of Chea Hetaka, teacher and seer of Katasee, an elder who brought the ancient knowledge to our culture. Her succinct guidance still resounds through the years to perhaps touch upon us today, as Saturn, the planet of time, moves slowly through the Virgin, the constellation of healing and nourishment. The effective tending to our well-being is profoundly important when considering the disturbing amount of toxicity in our present day environment. Ancient indigenous peoples had diets that were very different than the common modern western diet. In feeding themselves and their children nourishing foods, they protected their health, clarity of attention, and longevity. They understood how difficult it is to walk a spiritual path when the body is not cared for properly. The gut has been referred to as the "second mind" for sound reasons, as our digestive health effects the way we think and feel. Exploring food as spiritual and physical substance is part of out task when it comes to awakening to our potency. The search requires an intent to be aware of how meals effect us. Eating is meant to be pleasurable, sustaining, and relaxing, a tasty boost to our aliveness and peace of mind.

Forecast for October 25 - 31: What are We Teaching Our Ourselves, Our Children?


Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune continue to be closely aligned in the sky. Jupiter sparkles blue and white in the night now and is beautiful to watch in its journey across the cosmos. An inspiration to life here on the Earth, the planet has lot to do with questing for knowledge and learning how to trust and expand our knowingness, where we claim the importance to be true to ourselves and our unique way of understanding life. This has strong implications regarding how we educate ourselves and our young. Many modern day education programs rely on the concepts that the "teacher knows better" and that "school is where knowledge is found." Through the years, especially with the onset of the science and industrial revolution, most subject matter at school has been conceptually oriented, with a great deal of emphasis on the left brain or analytic logical thinking and the collection of data and information - the male part of us. Reading text after text, doing math problem after math problem, listening to lectures, and being tested is what many of us have and continue to encounter in education today. In this lopsided passive form of schooling, we come to believe that the answers to life reside in a book or in the teacher who stands before us. Such giving away of our knowingness breeds distrust of our own vast feeling Selves and deludes and cripples us into thinking that we are not intelligent. By-passed in such an orientation is our right-brain awareness - the realm of our feelings, intuition, sensuality, connectedness-with-all-life, and dreaming, the feminine dimension of who we are. To bring the feminine into balance with the masculine, we first feel the aliveness in the totality of our Essence, awakening our inner guidance, really listening for it. Here is curiosity and awareness of the "third-kind!" Then ask yourself, "What do you want to know?" and seek the experience that will allow you to bring the knowledge forward from within.

Forecast for October 18 - 24: New Moon in the Sign of Libra


The New Moon gives a boost to seeing new possibilities for relationships this week. Whether they entail beginning a new relationship of some sort or breathing new energies into an existing relationship, the Moon is there with you. You might not even be able to put into words what these new possibilities are or what they might mean for you, and that's OK, because clear feelings from the heart are all that is needed. Following inner feelings bring you into the mysteries of the new moon, where unknowns feed the intrigue and deliciousness of the unexpected and spontaneous. Let the new and emerging be as quiet as whispers in the night or as uplifting as the early swellings of ocean waves.These subtle beginnings have more power and joy than we first tend to imagine.

Forecast for the Week of October 11: Warming up the Spirit-Heart


Mars has moved into the constellation of the Crab. The fiery planet of passion is stirring up home. It's a time to move out of inner and outer stagnation and pursue something that the Ancient You really wants for your Self, for your Spirit-Heart. For millennium our western culture has indoctrinated us to think that it is not OK to want for ourselves, and hence we have become a very unhappy society. When we do not know what we want and pursue it, we shrivel up and become hardened, bored, frustrated, or apathetic. Just as the healer must heal her or himself, so we must learn how to identify our wants and go after them with a passion. Then and only then do we become Human again. Risking to identify and pursue our wants gives enormous fuel to our aliveness!

Weekly Forecast: Full Moon in the Constellation of the Dolphins


This week begins with a Full Moon in the constellation of The Fishes, often portrayed as dolphins swimming in opposite directions, commonly thought of as Pisces. Full Moons move the waters of the Earth, our bodies, and our unfathomable ancientness. To take part in such a grand lunar event in the Fishes, this is a time to expand in intimate connection with an unconditionally loving creator or life source. It is a week to dive into new and richer states of awareness - feeling far far within as well as far far beyond the 3-D in your meditations, while remaining conscious of your wondrous uniqueness. The potential is for an ecstatic merging without loss of Self.

Weekly Forecast: Deleting the Spam with Love


In the zodiacal sky this week, Saturn is beginning to make a square, a ninety-degree angle, with the slow-moving Pluto, which lies in the early degrees of the constellation of the Centaur, often associated with the sign of Sagittarius. This is a particularly potent planetary alignment which, when people hear of it, tends to make them imagine and fear the worst, as if terribly difficult emotional times were just around the corner. This kind of thinking sets us up for needless worry, tension, and heartache. The real purpose behind the alignment is not at all to induce problems, but instead, give us the awakening opportunities to release old thinking-feeling habits, such as when we get caught up in those nasty little mind-snits of fearing or believing that we are not beautiful, worthy, or good enough or smart enough. Such jabber is just the "mental junk mails" speaking. They always speak like this, cleverly trying to seduce us into believing their "spin." That's all they know. Saturn squaring Pluto calls us to bring forward our unconditional love so that we can give conscious space and acceptance to this kind of old "spam" that we have been formatting and endlessly cycling and around in our heads, the spam which tends to disturb our joy and peace. By kindly and graciously allowing our spam to surface so that we can see it for what it is without judgment, it naturally moves on. And as the old habitual chatter and condemning reactions to it are deleted, space is then provided for incoming messages from our true authentic Self. These messages are inspiring and provide an expansion of our personal delight, stillness, and awareness. Humor goes a long way to letting go of and deleting troublesome thoughts and feelings, so be playful while observing the mental junk mail this week and explore your ability to discover the potency of your perceptiveness and perspective. It can be a lot of fun bringing a loving end to spam in your "inner in-box."

Sept 20 to Sept 26 Forecast - Committing to Your Awakening and Joy


Saturn has entered the early degrees of the constellation of the Virgin, a symbol of the goddess of natural resources and processes. The ringed planet is also stationed directly opposite Uranus, which can be found in the latter degrees of the Water-Bearer. This configuration sings out a particularly potent call to move out of your asleepness, to shake out any way that you are numb to the vastness of your essence and power of your attention. This is a process that requires a commitment of a profound kind, where there is no back door, no easy escape hatch that lets you to give up and slip into old addictive ways thinking, feeling, and behaving. Commitments in our lives often need frequent re-examination, because it is so easy to fall prey to fear, blind beliefs, apathy, and stagnancy. Our western culture supports such asleepness and that is why things don't change. We tend to resonate with dulled societal energies that hover around us, generally becoming toned down in the familiar deadness. We do not have to succumb to that. It is each of us who can make vibrant enormously satisfying change from within by following our Song's (our Spirit's) desires with unbridled passion. We each have the resources to do so. From the perspective of Katasee, our commitments are really about living our joy, being willing to learn, getting clear on what our essences really want, and being true to our individual paths. They are not at all about suffering and staying in the same-old same-old hardship patterns or following what society dictates about them. Commitment requires bringing forward your aliveness and love for life so that there is absolutely no interest in turning back from what you want. When you really commit in such an authentic honest-to-the-core manner, your awareness and inspiration gain momentum and perspective. Then events, things, and beings come up and alongside your path to assist you and make the magic happen. Do you want to turn away from such an opportunity? The planets are calling you to go for it!

September 13 Forecast: "Honoring the Feminine Dimension of Our Existence"


This week Venus dances in the constellation of the Crab, where you can see her raise up in the faint star grouping over the eastern horizon of the Earth in the early light of day. Not too long afterward, the Sun can be seen following her into the above. As the "morning star," she is quite a bright glowing visitor and guide in the a.m. sky. Venus in the Crab speaks to intentionally focusing one's feelings and attention into the feminine dimensions of existence. The feminine is that "watery-like" part of life and us which exists within and beyond 3-D time and space. It is therefore very vast, ancient, accepting, and connected to all living and non-living things. The feminine allows us to look into the future as well as instantly touch other beings with our thoughts and feelings, no matter where these beings may be. In ancient cultures that thrived in peace, unconditional love, and community, the feminine was put at the very center of their lives. Our culture is in turmoil now, because we have been forcing our world into an unnatural form. In the feminine realm, there is no hierarchy. Venus also happens to transiting opposite the zodiac from Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter, which are gathered closely together in the constellation of the Sea Goat. This beautiful balanced alignment of planets invites us to become intimate with the feminine within and around us, where we risk to use our non-linear awareness to perceive what lies behind the physical. In these "unseen dimensions" lies the dream-time, which has been so honored for untold millennium by the aborigines, and it is here that all kinds of knowledge and spiritual entities exist. It is in our innate abilities to relate personally with this vast world and bask in the connection. Shamanism is known as the ecstatic arts because of the sheer delight that comes with embracing the feminine. Similarly, when we identify and acknowledge the feminine, we naturally bring our authentic vast Selves forward to create caring relationships with others in which equality and respect go hand to hand. Every moment of our breathing we can touch into this amazing consciousness!

September 6 to 12 Forecast: Pluto and the Search that Counts


Pluto continues to make its long transit through the constellation of the Centaur, whose bow and arrow are aimed directly into the center of the Milky Way. The aiming portrays your human destiny to seek knowledge from experience so that you may continually gather and focus your power from your personal center. When you seek and feel your own unique spiritual vibration, the truth of who you really are, you are in touch with your vastness and knowningness, which in turn, will give you balance and guidance on your life path. The Centaur's arrow will ever point you to your purpose and to its fulfillment while simultaneously reminding you to feel your connection with our Galaxy, as she shifts in these long-prophesied dynamic times. Orienting yourself to the heart of the Milky Way brings unexpected perspectives and inspiration, and her quantum energies are blowing strong to help you on your journey. So know where you want to go and enjoy the winds at your back.

Aug 30 to Sep 5 Forecast - Relationship of the Third Kind


Venus in the constellation of the Crab makes a flowing alignment with the asteroid, Pallas,which is transiting through the Fishes. Relation is in the picture here, inviting you to bring in a fresh, nourishing, and even other-worldly dimension to your relationship life. No need to be dull here - think, imagine, and feel wildly so that what already exists moves to new equilibrium and balance. Home and relationship want to be portals to the beyond, inspiring journeys into the unknown and unexpected.

August 23 to Aug 29 Forecast for Getting Out of the Box


This week there Mars,Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn-Mercury create a square box in the sky, which is often referred to as a "grand square." This is an opportunity to become aware of some part of your life in which you have "boxed yourself in" through blind beliefs, fears, and limited thinking. To get out of the box, first become aware of entrapping patterns, observe them, and without judgment, honor and release them, allowing them to move off into another dimension. Mother Earth will assist you. Right behind the old difficult patterns are new desires, visions, and clarity that can be allowed forward to replace the trappings. With these lively elements of your authentic self, you can build something new and nourishing.

Aug 15 - 22 Forecast for Receiving Spirit Guidance and Help


We all know what it is like to go to a party and the energy feels dead, or we don't feel welcomed. We just aren't interested and we tend to move on. Spirits feel the same way about things. They don't spend their time at places that aren't alive and they will not drop in where they are not wanted. With Mars making its way out of the rich starry constellation of the Bull and into the bright lights of the Twins, the red planet makes a trine (a 120 degree angle which represents a natural flow) to Neptune, which is stationed softly in the beginning degree of Water-Bearer. Here is the opportunity to let the Spirits know how much you want their help and to show it with a gift. They appreciate and respond to sincerity and authenticity. One nice way to offer something is to make a Spirit Plate, in which you put together a small plate with little piece of food from every food item that you are eating for your meal. Put the Spirit Plate on the table while you eat or place it somewhere you feel guided to put it. It all is very personal to you and your relationship with these amazing Unseen Helpers. Invite the Spirits in with heart-felt desire, see who shows up, and enjoy the gathering. Spirit Presence does have a unique feeling to it. There is a shift in the atmosphere that is very noticeable, clear, and endearing.

Aug 1 - 8 Forecast for Your Process of Creating


Mercury in Leo now shines directly across the zodiac from Neptune in the constellation of the Water-Bearer and additionally makes a trine (a 120 degree angle which represents a natural flow) to Pluto in the constellation of the Centaur. In this striking alignment with two outer planets, Mercury in Leo encourages us to purposefully move our linear minds into the non-linear realms that exist eternally beyond our 3-D time and space. This personal joining of the Here-and-Now with the Beyond is what allows us to birth new ideas, feelings, and spirit communication. Bringing your left and right parts of your brain into sync within your Spirit's vibration offers you limitless creativity. No matter what you want to ask about or do, the answers and guidance come from the inner joining! Focus on the feeling vibration of your Song and the magic happens. The intent here is to have lots of fun. Happy Creating this week!

July 26 to August 1 Forecast for Awakening - Healing the Old Brings in the New


Due to the way they orbit the Sun in relation to the Earth, Chiron and Jupiter now appear in the final degree of Capricorn, calling us to return to effective ways of healing old hurts and wounds that we have experienced in living in a warring power-over society, where we have been indoctrinated to avoid cultural constructs of punishment, pain, and lost by giving our power away to authority figures and institutions, what they believe, and how they expect us to exist, which often includes relinquishing our totality and independence in order to follow whatever rules, schedules, and routines that they manufacture for us to follow. To adapt to such emotional and spiritual conditioning, we tend to compress our hearts and self-worth and simply go along with the familiar oppressive programming. Healing our wounds means reclaiming our birth right to be who we really are and to live according to the profound intelligence and inner guidance of our unique spirits. In the process we are being called to end self-oppression and self-diminishing by allowing our old pains to soften and leave, which in turn, gives room for our soul pieces and personal power to return. In engaging in this healing shift for ourselves, we build a fresh vibrant foundation for manifesting desired realities, where the painful past can no longer control us or re-shape itself in relationship dynamics and everyday events of the present and future. Healing the old brings in the new!

July 19 to 25 Forecast for Awakening - Expressing the Medicines of You


Venus moves into the latter part of the Bull this week and makes a right angle with Saturn in the constellation of the Lion. This planetary arrangement inspires us to become conscious and committed with respect to expressing something of our spiritual makeup, so that this part of us is creatively and thoroughly brought into the here and now of our 3-D physical existence. This is a commitment to personal joy and satisfaction, with no need for dive-bombing ourselves into hardship, turbulence, or routine, or being driven mercilessly by the clock, or pushing our agendas onto others. From the perspective of star shamanism, a central aspect of being human is to bring all of the wonders and medicines of who we are into full gentle embodiment on the Earth, which takes planning and attentive balanced use of our precious time and attention. In this manner we come to share who we are with others in the authentic naturally harmonious rhythms of our essences.

July 12 to 18 Forecast for Awakening - Psychic Perception and the Spirit World


Pluto in the constellation of the Centaur or Archer continues to make a ninety degree angle with Uranus in the Fishes. This geometric configuration alerts us to enter the cave within to examine our blind beliefs and the cultural dogma that makes us forget and distort our abilities to be psychically curious, perceptive, and clear. Here is the opportunity to clear out old limiting beliefs and assumptions that keep us separate from the wonders of the Spirit World, where there are countless, extraordinarily powerful, and diverse benevolent beings who are so very willing to assist humanity in our awakening and shifting into a new galactic paradigm.

July 5 to 11 Forecast for Awakening - Feeding What is Beautiful


Mars and Venus have moved into the early part of the Bull, near the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, inviting us to explore our sensuality and our innate capacity to welcome with gratitude all that life brings us, even when situations and conditions at first appear most unwanted and stressful. We each attract everything that happens to our doorstep and it is a matter of listening to our bodies and senses to receive the underlying messages that will bring out our passionate relationship with life itself, so that we may feed and embody what is beautiful with our awareness and actions. Giving emotional and bodily space around our fear, anger, and frenzy allows them to move on and for ease, abundance, and relatedness to move in.

June 28 to July 4 Forecast for Awakening - The Search for Ancient Teachings


The Water-Bearer continues to be an active energy center in the sky. Jupiter's close alignment with Neptune in the early degrees of the constellation calls us to search for ancient teachings that have been buried in the trappings of the asleep western culture. These teachings will help us be the unique kindhearted individuals we really are and create an inclusive community that honors freedom, diversity, and peaceful co-existence with all life-forms. A clear conscious holding of the picture and feeling of a truly loving and playful community will help it manifest, such that the swirling disconnectedness, misdirection, and coldness of our society will disappear quietly into the past.

June 21-27


During this week the Sun will be moving directly opposite of Pluto, creating an alignment that calls us into our Bear Caves for deep introspection about our spiritual identity to explore who we are and how we may tend to hide our true beingness. There is a wondrous alive feeling to our Spirit’s vibration, and knowing it is the basis for our individual power. And as it is said in Katasee, "It is our birthright to know and live who we really are." Enjoy the journey within!!

June 14-20


Venus and Mars are also joined together throughout the month, in the constellation of the Ram. The dance between the planet of relatedness and the planet of passion offers us the opportunity to put aside the inner warring that leads to relationship struggles, conflicts, and head-butting competition. By eagerly identifying and directly pursuing what our Spirits want while respecting others and what they want, we put an end to forcefulness and power over, thus finally curbing the life-squelching battles between the feminine and the masculine. This is a beautiful preparation for celebrating the solstice on June 20. Like the Sun that shines in its stillness, we naturally radiate our smile to other beings when we find our inner peace

June 7-13


Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter are gathered together in the first two degrees of the Water Bearer throughout the month and beyond. The three invite us to make personal connections with the Aquarian web of life, to choice-fully create a community of kindness and healing with others, including the trees, plants, animals, and the Earth. Nature is amazing in how she overflows with rivers of life energy that can heal us on all levels. We can also create community with beings from the unseen dimensions, who have much to teach us. They are but a breath away from our consciousness.


Dance your Way into New !


Neptune dances with Chiron in the sky