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Weekly Shamanic Astrology

with Ken Robinson

Ken RobinsonShamanic Star Knowledge is based on an ancient way of seeking guidance from the stars. It is knowledge that has been brought forth while spirit journeying into the night sky to meet with the Spirits and Sky Beings. These incredibly loving and enormously intelligent Beings, which include the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, are eager to help us humans awaken. They are excited to assist us in creating a new paradigm on our planet.

The knowledge and energies they generously offer are extraordinary life-enhancing gifts. Ken Robinson is the founder and teacher of Shamanic Star Knowledge. From his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he offers Star Chart Readings, Apprenticeships, and Classes. His in-depth study of astrology originated in 1980. In 1995, he began his long-term apprenticeship in an ancient Peruvian shamanic tradition. Inspired, he used his shamanic abilities to journey to the stars. After many years of gathering star knowledge, Ken began teaching Shamanic Star Knowledge in 2005. His articles have been published in astrological magazines and he has been a frequent guest on various radio shows. 

For more information, please visit www.shamanicstarknowledge.com or the sister site, www.aquarianastrology.com. Ken can be reached at ken@eraoftheheart.com

Weekly Forecast for Humanity's Awakening

Feeling Your Passion and Aiming Your Love

Mars now shines as a beacon near the heart of the Milky Way. Look up into the night and you will see the bright planet in the early degrees of Sagittarius, dancing in the galaxy’s vast river of stars that surges above us in the shimmering darkness. As Mars make its way across the field of Sagittarian energies, it will call us to quest for inner knowing about our life purposes. It is a personal quest for something only you yourself can discover. It is an inward journey.

There is a great passion that beats in the center of each and everyone’s Beingness. Mars points our attention to feeling this enormous love. It is a love that wants to fill us and spill over into the world, touching all life.

Our capacity to let love flow like a river might be something we find ourselves resisting. It can bring up fear and old hurts to be so fluid and expressive. We humans tend not to acknowledge the beauty of our Spirits’ feelings and the richness of our love and passion. We have fallen into the trap of toning it all down and forgetting about our splendor. When we let the love flow from our centers, it will wash away any pain and open us to new streams of consciousness and direction.

Sagittarius is often depicted as a centaur, poised with a stellar bow, and pointing its flaming arrow into the heart of the Milky Way. It also can be seen as an archer on horseback. An ancient symbol, it shows us our capacity to ride our passion and purposefully aim our love. When we know precisely where we want to direct our love, we can send it so that it touches ourselves and others with a healing impact.

What is your passion? Where do you want to aim your love?

I live in a neighborhood filled with horses. I hear them talk their own language, whinnying under night skies as if they are communing with the constellations. They will gallop with the wind or stand in trance for hours. Their physical prowess is breathtaking and their consciousness extends beyond time and space. They sense things on subtle levels and bring peace and balance to the world. They understand community and their curiosity is boundless. They have a softness in them that can melt even the most hardened of hearts. Powerful in their bodies and Spirits, horses for millennium have been showing up our planet and interacting with humans.

If you allow it to happen, Mars in Sagittarius will inspire you to learn from the ways of horses and take yourself on a journey into the vast field of your consciousness. It will be a quest to know who and what you really are. It will become your own unique way to find your passion, steady yourself, and discover your place among the stars.

If you want to hear about another person’s quest, I recently wrote about my shamanic journey into astrology and sky consciousness. It has been posted on the home page of www.shamanicstarknowledge.com. At this site, you also can learn more about retreats and astrology studies that will teach you the ways of star shamanism.