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Walking Your Path

Walking Your PathbyKypris Aster Drake, M.S., M.A.

Third Gateway month is always terrifying for me. I cycle through a gateway each month, which means I hit the Third Gateway in March and August. Here I confront my true identity and am forced over and over to peel away the layers of protection Iíve built up to conceal it from the world.

Last night I dreamed about my most beloved rabbit, Sahu. He died many years ago, but still occasionally visits me in dreams. His name is taken from ancient Egyptian ideas about the soul. It means ďbody of goldĒ. My name, Kypris, means ďgolden oneĒ. Sahu is a part of myself, and he reminds me of my power.

Clearly thereís a theme here but Iím so afraid to shine like that. Afraid to be seen because Iím sure Iíll be squashed, afraid itís just ego, that Iím seeing myself as something more than I really am. Iím afraid to fly too close to the sun, like Icarus, afraid my wings will be burned away and Iíll come crashing down to the ground, battered, bloody, and gone from being in this world any longer.

It takes courage to live my medicine. Courage to be real about my medicine, which is to shine this golden light into every heart, to heal, to help, to shift. To bring the darkness out of each person I touch and help them become golden too. To create a viral epidemic of Joy and Freedom and Love.

The ancestors gave me this job. I didnít ask for it. They named me ďStanding BirdĒ, which in Apache means aggressive healing medicine. This is healing that lasts. Ironically, although I've carried this name for 10 years, I didn't know until a few weeks ago that those ancestors were Native American, from Ohio. That my great great great grandmother was a Native woman who married an Englishman of wealth and power. All those psychics who saw me with an Eagle feather in my hair were seeing true.

I feel unworthy of this mission and this task. This is the biggest stumbling block. To trust my greatness. To trust that I can do this. That I can allow my radiance to fill the hearts of every person who needs it.

In the Third Gateway I confront my soul, I comfort my inner child, and I say yes to my true medicine. I find ways to authentically live in who I am each day...and help others to do the same. The gateways work is no longer complete for me unless I am assisting others in doing it too.

What is your medicine? What are your life stories? What are you here to do and be in this world?

I would love to help you explore this though a class or private shamanic support.

About the author:
Iíve been called by many labels over the years -- musician, scientist, writer, witch, tantrika, shaman, sacred prostitute, priestess. I created the Six Gateways 10 years ago for my students, who kept asking me for practices they could do to at home after our sessions to improve their sexual connections, heal shame and fear, and relate to their beloveds more deeply.

Over time, the Six Gateways took on a life of their own. They grew and evolved. I used them to help me run my business, raise my son, and ride through the transition of menopause. Today Iím learning to apply them to managing my money, expanding my creative life, and deepening my relationships even further.

Wherever Iíve chosen to apply the Six Gateways, theyíve helped me to understand my journey at a spiritual level, to remove any obstacles on my path, and to find a lasting happiness and contentment within.

Today Iím engaged in creating simpler practices for the Six Gateways that will allow more people to embrace their healing power.

What is a shamanism? For me itís a deep love of nature that has become spiritual. As a child I felt a deep connection to the plants and animals around me. I was raised in a Christian faith tradition, but felt my closest connection to God underneath a tree. Later I discovered that God could be feminine too, and that the spirits of animals and plants could be a help and support in my life.

What is Tantra? For me itís a balanced spirituality that includes our bodies and our relationships. For me it demands an attitude of surrender combined with practices that allow me to manage certain parts of my energy body for healing, pleasure, and personal growth.

Want to learn more? You can work with me by downloading a learn-at-home product, joining me for an event, or scheduling a private healing session.


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