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Ancient Cultures, Contemporary Teachers

Ancient Cultures, Contemporary TeachersbyPatricia J. Turner

Ancient Wisdom, Contemporary Teachers

At the age of 40 I was still seeking a method in which I could help the earth by waking up my people. In my one lifetime I had witnessed the population of the world grow from 2.5 billion to nearly 7. I had witnessed what this meant to the health of our planet and to the psychological and spiritual health of my people. I returned to college to study Marine Science, thinking this may be a path to helping the earth, that through science and knowledge I might find ways of healing our oceans, and carry the credentials that would give what I learned credibility.

During my time in school I also took many classes in anthropology and was always moved by their ability to live so sustainably with our Mother Earth. After 10 years of working in marine science, at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, I was still seeking an answer. I founded Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation; a non-profit dedicated to conserving indigenous cultures, and began my work of seeking authentic healers and shamans from around the globe.

I realized that all I had learned about our indigenous brothers and sisters was really the key to our awakening. They are the ones living in union with our beautiful planet, holding ancient ways of healing and connection. The consequences of losing their wisdom are incalculable and we are at an amazing time in our evolution when their children who have been exposed to the “things” of western culture no longer desire to carry the traditions of their elders. They are seeking more western ways, the riches and the stuff.

Our authentic indigenous medicine people and shamans are the carriers of the wisdom to save the world and to bring joy and peace to our hearts. Today, most of the teachers who reach the masses with shamanic practices are from western culture. Maybe we are the Eagles flying with the Condors. However; we must support those who have lived the authentic and indigenous lives of the shaman. They carry a way of life, a magical ability to truly dance with the elementals.

Through my work with these elders, I have walked in the forest with Walking Thunder, Dine’ Medicine Woman and watched as she called the wind. I have stood in the rain with a Shaman of Greenland and remained dry. I have seen those who left only one session of healing with Maile Ngema Lama of Nepal carrying a new light in their eyes and joy from the healing they received. These are our true teachers to the depths of their souls. Why is it that more of us are not seeking them out?

It is so beautiful that those of us who have the privilege of living with abundance and enough food are seeking this wisdom to help to carry it forth but we must find a way to support those who embody this wisdom in every cell of their being. I am grateful that those of us who grew up in western society are realizing the need for new ways of being and honor those who are sharing the wisdom they gain but why is so much of our support for this work going our contemporaries, who often have taken only a few workshops, who have grown up with western values and so little going to the last of our true teachers? I do not seek to gain riches for our tribal brothers and sisters, just to guide seekers to learn from the trees instead of from the acorns.

Over the last 8 years, I have found that the wisdom keepers who come from the areas where there was no electricity, no computers and few schools are abundant in their joy of living. These are our true teachers, those who have lived the life of shamanic practice, healing ways and deep awareness of the spirits, the divas and the elementals that share this world with us. Though they have few material things, they carry a joy and a faith in their hearts that lift us to our own highest immensity. Seek that which is beyond the media, beyond the contemporary advertising and you may find your own indigenous soul in all its incredible glory and power.

Every day of my life I give gratitude that I have had the opportunity to be with, to learn from my indigenous brothers and sisters. I now live my life in the wilderness and find I have all that I could ever need or want. I spend time praying and singing to the mountains in Colorado, to the streams. Our love and our intentions carry the healing powers of the universe. It is only in our deepest soul where we find the shaman within and those who arise from ancient and loving cultures are our true teachers.

About the author:
Patricia Turner is Founder/ CFO of Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation. She received her degree in Biological Anthropology and worked in Marine Science at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSB, and Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species. She is co-author of 14 scientific papers. Over the last 10 years she began to travel to tribal communities and became dedicated to their well being after realizing their wisdom of healing modalities, animal migrations and sustainability.


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