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The Drive

The DrivebyPaul Bunting

“I am that which you seek, yet do not find. Mystified, you often seek me - yet without intent that aligns with who I am, you will not understand who I am. There is but one destination, so obvious, so hidden, you often become lost as a result of your search. This worries me not, I have emotion not, and infinite time. Throughout aeons, I am here, often feared, rarely revered always moving, mimicking life itself. You will not rest until you find me, feel me and know me...

Although nebulous understanding is stark dichotomy of what you seek, it is who I am. I am everywhere, in your mind, in your body, in your being directing every step you take. When you know me, you become the Sage, the essence of alchemy and all that I am.

So misguided are those who never aim their arrows at the sun. So unfortunate are the ones who stagnate, justified and unwilling. You will always seek me without knowing. When you are hungry, you are hungry for none other than me. It’s who you are.

It is me who is responsible for your hunger. Without nourishment your flesh will become nourishment and you will return once again. When hunger strikes, how often do you ponder the nature of what you are hungry for? The reason on the surface will pacify and bide time, yet never completely satiate infinitely.

When you desire sexual relations, it is me who calls. Like a speeding freight train in the night - once you feel your sensuality, your body - your hunger for penetrating intimate physically, so few become able to stop for the unsuspecting deer in the tracks. The deer is blinded by the light which mutes the piercing rumble of the train and deafens the bellowing call of the horn. In its wake, the train goes on. How often do you question what you are truly hungry for when you feel such desire? Shut me down and you will slowly perish. Hedonistic indulgence - while always the option serves to greater shroud my truth. Ponder me through the fire and you may understand. When you become unbearably hungry, I will temporarily pacify your hungering once again. Its who I am...

What you call materialism also belongs to me. Pursue it or chastise it - a difference does it not make to me. They are but two ends of the same fire. Becoming hungry for material within itself will not satiate. It will stoke the flames of an endless fire, and swallow you alive. When one acquisition leads to another you will feel no reprieve, only ravenous hunger. For those that chastise and make materialism wrong, for themselves, for others, you are also of the same mold, the same design and a victim of the same circumstance. For those who truthfully ponder with unwavering devotion, you will know me.

I am in the sick and the well too. When you become sick you go to great measure to become once again, well. When you think of the concept of “sick” your mind knows just where to go. Yet, how many minds are just alike in how the idea of sick is understood? This question is often lost in the frantic race to get well. For the well, it becomes but the same. An obsession - an endless hunger to avoid the discord of disease. It is then in which fear enters the mind not different than the poison of a deadly viper entering the veins. The results are the same. Death in the vain if life. I am but a question away if only you become willing to ask.

I rule your emotions too. You do become attached to them, do you not? For those whom choose not to ponder, the question will be of no use. Your rational mind, rational as it may be is only as such because of the emotional undercurrent that travels within. With your emotions you seek to control so much - without even knowing. As I have said, I have the benefit of aeons upon aeons for you to know me as I really am. The emotions you proclaim to have mastered will also fade away, as the newspaper from many yesterdays inevitably does. Carbon to carbon, dust to dust. Yet, I am that which I am.

What you resist, indefinitely will persist. Change is life and life is change - but many ponder not this mystery that touches all. Resistant and bitter, you are certain to perish. Eventually you too will understand how terribly futile this resistance is. I am a force not to be taken for granted. I am greater than the lion's roar. I am the drive. You will not rest until you find me.”

About the author:
Paul is available for speaking engagements, coaching and Alignment Science.


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